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Cheeky London Sperm Bank Rebrand…. A Great Step Forward…

We concentrate a lot of stopping sperm from reaching the egg here at CM (Condom Monologues 😉 ) but for many, getting a sperm to fertilize an egg is their main priority. Sperm donation is a very important service and it helps many people.

So I thought it would be cool to take a quick peak at London Sperm Bank’s modern but cheeky new branding.

This new branding is an excellent step forward in my eyes and will really help to pull away sperm donation in London from being a taboo subject or a subject of complete mockery. By showing a small sense of humor, but keeping a modern look, they are addressing the funny side of things and showing people a friendly public face.

I learned about this new design from The Drum and I think Silk Pierce have done stellar Job.

If you have a few spare sperms floating around why not put them to a good cause…. Visit the London Sperm Bank Website.

What do you think about this? Is it a good re-design? Does it change anything? Also what do you think about sperm donations?