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Please source us @condommonologues.com if you use our content or contact us to get proper permission.  We work hard here, so Thanks man.

Please source us @condommonologues.com if you use our content or contact us to get proper permission. We work hard here, so Thanks man.

We are an open writers’ collective of sex-positive peeps with various backgrounds from all over the world. We learn and relearn sex education through real life storytelling. After all, story is what connects us. It opens our awareness of different circumstances, options and opinions. It teaches us about ourselves.

Anyone can work with us. Through the internet we collaborate and form a sex positive community around the art made and the personal stories shared.

This website is an open and growing archive dedicated to sex education through story-telling. Together we make text, images, and video.

This is a place to converge and discuss the experiences we have with safe (and not so safe) sex.  We aim to help facilitate creative story-making and sharing using the most effective means possible (whether that’s interviews, first-person stories, audio shorts, video and animation). Not only to share something funny, sexy, or serious. We want a more collaborative way to distinguish brands and products in the sex positive market based on facts and experiences.

What’s required to improve the safer sex industry? What needs aren’t being met? Who is being overlooked or excluded?


We are open and collaborative. Together, we make videos, imagestexts (and more) surrounding the theme of sexuality health and education.

This is inspired by Eve Ensler’s play, Vagina Monologues, which provokes discussion of empowerment and female sexuality. Only here, we focus on the different meanings of “safer” sex that are relevant to the diversity of people.  As much as we want, not everyone’s experience is represented here but we aim to be as inclusive as possible and are trying to create a medium that can constantly re-develop while remaining a safe, helpful resource for all.

We want to dispel harmful myths about safe sex and sexual stereotypes that permeate our ways of understanding what is “healthy sexuality”. We do this through sex-positive, pleasure-focused approaches to sex and sexuality that affirm the diversity of people- genders, sexualities, kinks and relationships.

We Provide:

Active research and content: Our articles are arranged by four main categories- Monologues, Safe Sex Advice, Condom Guides & Charts, and Activism. The site will continuously update articles about safer sex “how-tos” for different people. There are safe sex product guides, size charts and facts sheets, extensive external resources and advise answers. We interview sex-positive professionals and collaborate with non-profits to help raise awareness about relevant causes.

Be a part of our project to define sex positivity, as an individual and a community movement. Join the #mysexpositivity series.

Interactive content: Each post includes a question/answer and discussion section which we monitor to keep respectful for everyone.  The admins are working on a way to solicit more feedback on content and facilitate respectful peer-to-peer discussion boards.

Collective Monologues blog:  Anyone can share experiences, story-tell, and ask questions anonymously (or otherwise) through our Monologues Sharing page. This is an ever-expanding archive that is developing into a multimedia channel to engage storytellers and listeners in visual, audio, video, and animated platforms.  Contact us for support or with question about how to make your story audio/visual. Post an experience, an opinion, a question, a joke, etc.

Connect With Us

Anyone can participate with Condom Monologues; everyone can share a story.

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The admins are currently working on establishing a sturdy and viable feedback channel for people to share advice, and state educational wants and needs. Please contact us at admin@condommonologues.com with any questions, comments and feedback.  Remember, we are a bully-free space, so feel free to write to us about anything and know that mocking, shaming and hate speech are unwelcomed and censored.

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