Awake thee that slumber, Condom Monologues is back in action!

Dear commenters and condom-ers,

The Condom Monologues collective extends many apologies for our dormancy these past months.  We have received hundreds of inquiries and comments that deserve responses.  And we now have a full time staff to get on it!  Making up for the delay we will answer questions by optimizing our Condom Size Chart feature.  It is currently under re-structuring with the aim to widen the amount of brands.  We will also offer up-to-date size charts, reviews, and measuring tips.  When it comes to safe pleasure, size isn’t everything.  Shape and comfort are important factors to consider.  So we plan to include more dimensions and details to our brand reviews.  If you feel something is lacking in the info world of condoms, we want to know.  Please share.

What Else is New?

We’re pulling the site under repair to build a more sleek, inclusive, and comprehensive beast.  We approach the condom as a cultural object that morphs across social and scientific spheres with different histories.  The aim is to converge in a non-judgmental space the condom (and other contraceptives) and our relationships with them, whether they be sexy, funny, or serious.  We believe that an important piece in the pleasure pie is factual information.  So much of this site is geared towards empowering and expanding discussions of safe sex, and harnessing equal access to information.

Along with sharing individual condom stories, this site will also include: 1) News and Politics section, which will explore US policy on sex education, debates on contraceptives for minors, the Pope’s opinion on condoms, etc. ; 2) a Technology and Science section that updates some of the latest contraceptive technology and STI research, explores past-century contraceptive methods, etc.  And 3) a general Arts and Entertainment section, that looks at condoms and other safe sex measures in movies, TV, artworks, youtube, etc.  Basically, our girth is constantly growing.

The legal stuff: Age of consent and medical advice

The size charts, etc. are made for you to consult and hopefully find the brand that suits within your size range and needs.  If you cannot find the answer to your question, just ask.  But please be aware that we do not condone sexual activity of under-age males and females in state or country.  Also, we are not medical professionals.  We offer opinions from personal experience and research.  Professional advice should always be sought.

For a younger audience, here is one place to start:  SEX etc. and  for all ages Planned Parenthood is highly recommended.

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About Lara

I am co-founder and contributor at Condom Monologues, specializing in queer approaches that aim to affirm sexuality. My graduate work includes digital storytelling research with feminist organizations at the American University in Cairo. I am in a loving relationship. I prefer traveling over settling. I sneeze whenever I eat dark chocolate.

2 thoughts on “Awake thee that slumber, Condom Monologues is back in action!

    1. Lara Post author

      Hey John,

      You are within the average range, so many condom “regular” sizes should suit. Have you tried Caution Wear or Beyond 7 condoms? They tend to measure at 2.0″ flat wide and 7.0″ long, and should have enough elasticity to form to your shape. These guides will show dimensions for all their condoms: Beyond 7 size chart and Caution Wear Size Chart.

      General rule of thumb: The average condom is made to fit a 5″/127mm girth. That equals 2″/50.8mm base wide (width is measured by the condom lying flat; it is not the circumference). If you measure less than 5 inches in girth, go with a snugger fit. Fit you are greater than 5.2inches, select Magnums.


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