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Everyone knows the awkwardness of staring at a store shelf of johnnies with so many questions and confusions (it really shouldn’t be awkward!). But not everyone has considered the advantages of buying condoms online. Sure, internet buying does not solve emergency needs. It can take some online orders up to two weeks to arrive. However, in this article, we consider how the advantages of buying online outweigh that of a pharmacy, corner shop, or grocery store.

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Why buy condoms online

1) Privacy.

It is the most discrete way to buy condoms. Period. With no cashier to check through, you do not need to feel shy about what he or she will think when swiping your 12 pack of whatever type and size condom companies print so boldly on the box. No one will see your purchase.

Most condom distributor websites use discrete packaging and billing information. For example, will ship your order in a plain envelop or box. The name on the return address does not reference anything about condoms or sex-related products. Instead it will read an inconspicuous “PCPD LLC”. The credit card bill will also list “PCPD LL” only. You do not need to ask the storekeeper face-to-face personal questions about which studded condom is the most sensitive or which “snug fit” suits your tool. Your needs can be researched and answered online with full anonymity.

2) Price.

Condoms are less expensive online. At a general DUADEreade in the USA, a box of 12latex condoms can range between $14.50 to $16.00. Online, however, a box of 12 can be $6.00 cheaper. For example, you can buy a 12 pack of Trojan Magnum Thins for $7.99. Even the more expensive non-latex condoms, such as Lifestyles SKYN line made of polyiosprene, can be as low as $6.99- which is about 50% less than the standard retail store price.

There also tends to be more deals offered online. Though no one can beat the price of free condoms one picks up at most health clinics or STI prevention centers (such as Planned Parenthood) there are some online deals that offer free sample packs.

3) Variety of selection.

This is arguably the best advantage to online shopping. Unlike a DUADEreade, there is a great trove of choice online as virtually all condom shape, sizes, textures, tastes are available. Those that are typically harder to access in retail stores, such as female condoms, vegan condoms, or non-latex, are easily retrieved online.

You can also find a great number of reviews and recommendations when exploring new brands or condom materials. This includes the advantage of searching for top sellers as well as the more rare, not so common condom types, like lamb skin or polyiosprene.

To compare condom sizes, types and prices try our Condom Size Calculator.

4) Custom fit condoms.

This service is provided online only. Companies like and will help you determine your size and recommend a condom for you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy. I do not think there are any other stores that would allow you to return a condom if it did not fit well.

What other advantages or disadvantages are there? If you can think of any, or have a relevant experience of buying condoms, please share here.

Confused about how to pick your size? Check out our guide for converting penis circumference to condom width.

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