Call For Contributors!

Hey Sex-Positives!  CM is reaching out to more contributors & wants to help with your sex-positive project. If you like writing and making stories; If you are interested in the different meanings of “safe sex”; If you are passionate about open access to safer sex info that’s relevant to people’s diversity, Condom Monologues wants to work with you!

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WTF is Condom Monologues?

It’s a newly launched collaborative open arts collective (5 writers and growing), providing safer sex information through real-life storytelling.  Drawing from our own experiences, we aim to provoke frank discussion about what “safer” sex means to different people. The project was made out of frustration about standard sex education curricula that continues to teach safety with a very narrow “normal” lens. Politically correct advice that emphasizes condoms and abstinence is not enough.  Everyone has a bad sex education story to tell, whether from the classroom, family or medical health professionals.

This is a different way to access education about bodies, desire, consent and sexual health.  Anyone can be involved, share experiences and share knowledge relevant to their wants and needs.  We also engage with the sex positive community by helping raise awareness of activism and projects.  The website is structured to be difference-inclusive, pleasure-oriented and sex-positive.

Seeking Storytellers

In order to be an inclusive safe sex resource, CM needs you.  This is a call for people to share their real life safe sex (and not so safe) stories. This can be done with strict anonymity.

Whether narratives are seemingly mundane, brief, serious, confusing, there is opportunity to convey perspectives and relate to others.  Stories are told digitally which opens up unlimited ways of creating and sharing: We use a range of audio-visual multimedia platforms like iMovie, Vine, Tumblr, Blogposts, etc.

We do not claim to speak to everyone’s experience, but we aim to be as inclusive as possible and create an archive from which we may all unlearn and re-learn about sex-positivity.

How to Contact

CM wants people to join on their own terms, in their own capacity.  If you are interested in this project please contact us ASAP and we can brainstorm ways of contributing that suit you.

If you have your own sex-positive project, we’d love to collaborate and help in whatever way possible.

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Read more about us here and here (Rude Magazine).

Please help us spread the news by sharing this article or take the PDF.

PDF link: Call4Writers-CondomMonologues-May2013

(Be comfortable communicating with us by alias or otherwise.  We take privacy very seriously.  FYI, Condom Monologues is a safe bully-free space, thus all contributions are monitored and hate speech is censored).

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