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3 Tips for Decoding Condom Size

A guide to understanding how to convert penis size for best condom width.

Knowing condom size is one thing.  Knowing what size best fits is another. Condom shopping is a daunting task no thanks to marketing gimmicks. Even looking past the clutter of overused adjectives like “thinnest” and “most sensitive”, you still need to decode the actual size dimensions (if they are labeled at all!).

Companies typically report the condom width only.  This is determined by laying the condom flat, so it does not match penis circumference.  So how are you sure that this one-dimensional measure will match your three-dimensional penis?

It’s not like you can take a box of condoms to the changing room and try one on before you buy.

One blogger has taken on this condom conundrum by collecting numerous studies. “Alex”, the creator of Condom Sizes & Facts, is not an expert, but he has organized findings from various scientific surveys to allow readers come to their own conclusions about condom sizing. We got the opportunity to ask Alex about some of his personal conclusions.

He breaks down three things you need the know about average penis size surveys before you start believing that you are abnormal, and he gives pointers to keep in mind when condom shopping.  Also, he fine tunes the magic number 2.25 from our formula:

Penis girth / 2.25 = approx condom width

We begin with republishing this data from his blog. The table matches penis to condom size. From this data, you may understand why an “average” size man may fit a magnum condom. These numbers are approximate guides from the research on Alex’s blog. Fitting may vary depending on condom elasticity and personal preference. Affiliate links within. 

Penis Girth to Condom Width Chart

Penis GirthCondom WidthPenis GirthCondom Widthe.g. Major Brand Condoms
3.70 - 4.131.8594 - 10547-
4.14 - 4.331.85 - 1.97106 - 11047 - 49LifeStyles Snugger Fit, Caution Wear Iron Grip, Durex Enhanced Pleasure
4.34 - 4.531.93 - 1.97111 - 11549 - 51Glyde Slim Fit, LifeStyles 3SUM, RFSU Mamba, Beyond Seven
4.54 - 4.721.97 - 2.09115 - 12050 - 53LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive, Kimono MicroThin, Beyond Seven Studded
4.73 - 4.922.05 - 2.17121 - 12552 - 55LifeStyles SKYN, Trojan BareSkin, Durex Love
4.93 - 5.122.13 - 2.24126 - 13054 - 57Trojan Magnum, LifeStyles KYNG, LifeStyles SKYN Large, RFSU Grande
5.13 - 5.312.20 - 2.36130 - 13557 - 60Glyde Maxi, ONE The Legend, Magnum XL
5.52 - 5.912.36 - 2.52141 - 15060 - 64
> 5.912.72>15069Trojan Naturalamb, FC2 internal condom

View the original table which also explains the research behind these figures. To view more condom size, check out our condom size calculator.

Condom Monologues: First of all, how would you like to be credited?

Alex from Condom Sizes and Facts: That’s a perfect first question. I don’t want to be credited because I am not an expert. Data I have collected are public and I did not produce them. I barely used them to make my opinion and decided to share it.

CM: In your investigation into penis size, you explain that very few studies sponsored by condom companies actually produce sound scientific data. In fact, average penis size may be smaller and more varied than companies have previously reported. Please cite which penis size survey(s) you trust the most and why?

CSF: First I would like to be perfectly clear: penis size is not interesting “per se”, especially length, which is what most people mean when talking about size. You have 3 kinds of studies:

1) self-reported measurements: men report their penile dimensions. The averages are typically 15.6–16.6 cm for length and 12.2–13.6 cm for girth.

Examples: Kinsey study, Internet survey by Richard Edwards, Durex survey.
These studies are of poor interest and rather have readers feel inadequate due to the somewhat high over-estimates.

2) pharmacological measurements: measurements are conducted by researchers , either directly or by men after a proper training. The averages are typically 12.9–14.5 cm for length and 11.9–12.3 cm for girth.

They are of great value, but one needs to get the whole article to judge the quality: some have been performed on men with erectile dysfunctions, some use a very small sample, where representation is heavily questioned, methods of measurements often vary (base, mid-points, under the glans, “bone pressed” or not), or the measurement itself is different (width, circumference, and mode of erection).

The Wessells and the Schneider studies are very good examples.

3) The last kind is a hybrid between a) and b). These are the self-reported studies where:
the sample has been carefully selected (or big enough to cancel the possible bias),
a harmonized measurement method is clearly explained to ensure standard practices and avoid inconsistencies, men are motivated to measure their penis carefully and to report accurate data.

The averages are typically 13–14.2cm for length and 12–12.2 cm for girth.

The Herbernick and TheyFit studies are good examples. Their values reside in the huge samples from which they get the data.

There is no survey I trust the most. Rather, it is the consistency through the various serious surveys which should be trusted.

CM: In order to determine proper condom width, would you recommend dividing penis circumference by 2.25? How do you arrive at this approximation? And what do people need to consider about elasticity?

CSF: Actually, researchers (Gerofi for example) have come to the conclusion that a condom should be stretched about 10 to 20%. This, translated in ratio between penis circumference and condom width gives a 2.2 (10%) to 2.4 (20%) division factor.

2.25 represent a 12.5% condom stretch. And to be perfectly honest, it is only my personal taste, with my preferred condom brand. I really don’t like condoms fitting too snugly, but I do want a minimum grip to ensure safety.

The above values are calculated from an average elasticity, one has to know that it is the consequence of 1) condom thickness and 2) latex recipe.

You may not know these parameters when buying a condom. But be sure they do vary a lot between brands and condom types because companies use different ingredients. For example: TheyFit recommends a 2.37 dividing factor for its condoms.

The most important thing to understand is that you can use these figures as a guidance, but be sure to do your own research and trials. Real experience should always be the deciding factor.

CM: What is the most surprising thing you’ve come across in your penis-condom size research?

CSF: Two things: Condom latex recipes change drastically and thus vary condom elasticity.

Second, like many men, I discovered late that the fitting problems I was experiencing were not “normal” (not just something I had to put up with) nor a consequence of an inadequate technique. I was truly surprised the first time I changed my condom size and discovered what a good fit could mean: no more anxiety, all gone in one breath!

Have comments? Questions? Still not sure what condoms will fit? Leave a note below or message us on FB or Twitter.

We Now Have a Condom Calculator!

That’s right. The overcrowded matrix of condom dimesions has been hacked and neatly reorganized by our techy team. Located in the top menu of our Home page under “Condom “Sizes”. This nifty tool allows you to custom search size, material, flavors, brands, etc., across 100 hundred condoms all in one place.  It’s an upgrade from our archaic condom size charts in which you need to scrool lists and lists of products. The calculator does the searching for you and helps you pinpoint your preferences. Give it and try and let us know what you think! Updates and improvements are never ending. Go to the Condom Size Calculator.  CMRuler-803px-withtext


LIFESTYLES Condom Size Chart

The dimensions in this chart are from our own store bought measurements, as well as from Lucky Bloke and Undercover Condoms.  To read more about Lifestyles company (also known as “Mates” in Europe, check out their profile summary.

If you don’t feel like scrolling through lists, try our new search tool, the Condom Calculator.

Measurement Tip:

The average condom length is 7.5″/190.5mm.  Girth is important (see our guide for measuring penis).  The average condom base width is between 50.8mm – 53mm (width is measured by the condom lying flat; it is not the circumference). To understand if your girth fits condom width simply divide your penis circumference by 2.25 (How did we get this number?  Read here).

Preferences will vary, but our general rule is if you measure less than 4.8 inches (approx 121mm) in girth, go with a snugger fit.  Fit you are wider than 5.15 inches (130mm), select XL or KYGN.  Trojans and Durex XL sizes tend to be slightly larger than Lifestyles.

(Sizes may vary by a few millimeters. Links to external sites may be affiliate links and could earn us a small commission)

Snug Fit/ LATEX

Lifestyles Snugger Fit

Slightly smaller width and length than regular sizes
Unique shape hugs better around shaft
Specially lubricated for natural feeling
Snugger fit is the smallest condom available on the market, along with Caution Wear Iron Grip condoms.
Base width: 1.9”/ 48mm
Length: 6.7”/170mm

Lifestyles 3SUM

Extra ribbed, ultra studded, uniquely shaped!
Wide shaft, contoured at head for his pleasure
Lubricated for maximum pleasure and glide
Base width: 1.9”/ 50mm
Length: 6.7”/170mm

Regular/NON-LATEX (Polyisoprene)

SKYN Original

Strong as latex but with softer more flexible material, making them extremely comfortable for skin-to-skin feel.
Ideal for people with latex allergy or sensitivity
Base width: 2.08”/53mm
Length: 7.5”/190mm

SKYN Extra Lubricated

Same advantages of non-latex with long-lasting UltraSilkyTM Lubrication for smooth skin-to-skin experience.
Reservoir tip for extra safety and comfort
Base width: 2.1”/53mm
Length: 7.5”/190mm


Lifestyles THYN

Lifestyles’ thinnest condom with most popular contoured shape that widens up the shaft for comfort.
21% thinner than standard Lifestyles latex condom.
Natural, clear color
Low latex scent
Base width: 2.1”/53mm
Length: 7.8”/198mm

Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive

The original thin condom, thinner than their Ultra Thin condom!
Top rated by Undercover Condoms, Condom Depot, Live Strong and 2009 Consumer Report ShopSmart Magazine.
Base width: 2.0”/52mm
Length: 7.5”/190mm

Lifestyles Ultra Thin

Micro-thin technology with unique easy to roll on shape. Check out our personal review on this one.
Base width: 2.1″/53mm
Length: 7.6″/193mm

Ultra Sensitive with Spermicide

Lubricated with spermicide to decrease risk of pregnancy
Spermicide is not for more-than-once-a-day vaginal or rectal use
Base width: 2.1”/53mm
Length: 7.5”/190mm

STYLES Sensitive Collection

Contains THYN- SKYN- and Ultra Sensitive

 Lifestyles Ultra Lube PLUS

Lubricated inside and out with UltraGlide Lubricant TM
Base width: 2.1”/53mm
Length: 7.5”/190mm

Lifestyles Pleasure Shape Condom

Exclusive large tip for more head room
Stimulates most sensitive areas for both partners
Base width: 2.08”/52mm
Length: 7.5”/190mm

LifeStyles Turbo

Made with dual action ExciteGel lubricant
Warming and tingling inside and outside for both partners
Base width: 2.1″/ 53mm
Length: 7.5″/ 190mm



Ultra studded condom with over 100 raised rubber studs
Long-lasting UltraGlide Lubricant TM extends pleasure
Classis straight shape
Base width: 2.08”/53mm
Length: 7.6”/190mm

Lifestyles WYLD

Outer ribbed texture made from premium latex
Larger head shape
Long-lasting UltraGlide lubricant TM
Base width: 2.08”/53mm
Length: 7.5”/190mm

Lifestyles Pleasure Ribbed Condom

Ribbed for ultimate stimulation
Specially lubricated
Low latex scent
Base width: 2.1”/53mm
Length: 7.5”/190mm

Lifestyles Fun Bumps

Recently made it on the top ten condom list on Queerty Mag
Intense blue flavor and light mint flavor
Base width: 2.2″/56mm
Length: 7.8″/200mm

LARGE/ non-latex (polyisoprene)

SKYN Large

First ever large-sized polyisoprene condom!
Strong as latex but with softer more flexible material, making them extremely comfortable for skin-to-skin feel.
Ideal for people with latex allergy or sensitivity
Base width: 2.2”/56mm
Length: 7.8”/200mm

LARGE /Latex

Lifestyles KYNG

Wider and longer than regular Lifestyles condoms
Base width: 2.2”/56mm
Length: 7.8”/200mm
Head width: 2.2″

LifeStyles KYNG Blue Box

Large condom with a tapered fit for secure fit.
Base width: 2.2″/ 56mm
Length: 7.8″/ 200mm

STYLES Premium Large Collection

Features an assortment of KYNG Gold –  KYNG Smooth – and KYNG Ribbed.
Base width: 2.2”/56mm
Length: 7.8”/200mm


The Legal Stuff: Age of consent and medical advice

The size charts are made for you to consult and hopefully find the brand that suits within your size range and needs.  If you cannot find the answer to your question, just ask.  But please be aware that we do not condone sexual activity of under-age males and females in state or country.  Also, we are not medical professionals.  We offer opinions from personal experience and research.  Professional advice should always be sought.

Sexual health resources we recommend for young people include Scarleteen and Bish Training. For all ages Planned Parenthood and Sexperience channel are highly recommended.


Condom Sizing

The Importance and How-To of Condom Sizing

If you don’t pay attention to condom size, the little rubber can be rendered useless and result in the spread of infection or pregnancy. Slippage during use is very common because many guys are putting on the wrong size.  A condom should fit snug and stay in place- but of course, not so sung that it is painful!  Condom size varies from brand to brand and also from texture to shape, so it also pays to test as many as you can over a period of time before you settle on one specific condom (if ever!).

How do you work out condom sizing?

The first thing you need to work out is your penis size. From there you have a definite size guideline to buy condoms and you reduce the risk of wasting money.

Published with permission from

Published with permission from

How do I measure my penis?

Measuring your penis is easy but you have to do it right.  You need either a soft measuring tape or a piece of string and a ruler to measure the string against. First you need to measure the length of your ERECT penis. Put the measuring tape or string at the very base of your penis and measure up to the very tip making sure it’s central and straight. Jot that length down.

Then you need the circumference. This is very important as done by measuring all the way around your penis at the mid-point of the shaft. At this stage, you could also measure the circumference at the head (the widest part).

Condom Size Guidelines

Now to get the correct size you can follow these general guidelines. To understand what condom width fits, divide your penis circumference by 2.25. How did we get this number? This post explains our formula and research.

According to a recent study by the Kinsey Institute, most male condoms in North America are made to fit the “average” guy who measures 5.57″ long and 4.8″ girth. Thus, size “regular” condoms tend to be 7.5″ long and 2.0-2.2 base width. Base width is the condom lying flat.  It is not the circumference.

Generally, if you measure less than 4.8 inches in girth, go with snugger fit condoms.  If you are thicker than 5.2 inches go with larger condoms.  For more suggestions and details, for example on shape and material, go to our post titled What Condom Size Am I? (can you tell we get this question a lot?).

You can also head over to our Condom Calculator and view the dimensions of over 100 condoms.  We also have an ill-fitting solutions chart that offers suggestions to specific condom fit problems. Finally, for guidelines converting penis girth to proper condom width, view the table in this post.

Non-Latex Condom & Dam Size Chart

banana measure tapeThe world of non-latex condoms is a mysterious one. There aren’t many options. In another post we confirm that there is no such thing as flavored non-latex barriers. Also, most manufacturers do not make “special” sizes for non-latex. By special, I mean anything smaller or larger than 2.1″/53mm base wide and 7.5″/190mm long. Some brands offer sizing information on their packaging, such as Lifestyles’ SKYN and Glyde. But most remain vague.

Each of our size guides offers non-latex options (see our main condom chart or try our condom size calculator for a quicker search). We have consolidated that information into this post to make dimensions easier to find.  This chart is organized by “Regular” and “Large”. There is no “small” or “snug” size non-latex.  Scroll to the bottom for female condoms (sometimes called “internal condoms”) and sex dams.

Read more about the differences between polyisoprene and polyurethane.

(Some external links may be affiliate links that earn us a small commission but this information is not sponsored by any company.  All opinions and advice are our own).

Non-Latex Regular

Trojan Supra BareSkin
Made of polyurethane. Trojan’s only non-latex male condom.
Classic straignt shape
Base width: 2.1″/53mm
Length: 7.9″ /200mm

LifeStyles Original SKYN and LifeStyles Skyn Extra Lubricated
Polyisoprene. Praised as the first to make the market- the rest followed.
Base width: 2.1″/53mm
Length: 7.5″/190mm

Non-Latex Large

LifeStyles’ SKYN Large

This is the first ever LARGE polyisoprene condom.
It’s wider than most large condoms but not quite as long.  Ideal for thicker than average men.
Base width: 2.2″/56mm
Length: 7.8″/200mm

Female Condoms

FC2 Female Condom
Latex free, made of nitrile synthetic rubber. Here is FC2 official site.
As of now, there is still a one-size-fits-all approach to female condoms.
Opening width: 3.0″ / 76mm
Length: 7.2″/ 185mm

Non-latex Sex Dams

Hot Dams!
Made of polyurethane. These are the only non-latex we could find.  Do you know of other options (besides saran plastic wrap!).
No flavor added.  Standard size.
6″ X 8″/152mm X 203mm

Dams and condoms are extra special when lubricant is involved.  Don’t forget to use this essential item.

Confused about what condom width fits your penis girth? Simply divide you penis girth by 2.25 (penis girth/2.25 = condom width). Read how we got this formula.

If you think we’ve missed a condom (or dam) or have questions please comment below. Follow us on Twitter – Facebook – G+ for updates.

Flavored Non-Latex Condoms

Do they exist? We’ve been asked this question a few times. It’s hard to believe that the condom market would overlook this specific and important need. Unfortunately, after deep digging we did not uncover a non-latex flavored condom or dam. So what’s the orally-minded to do? 

lips lubes**If you are surprised to hear that people do use protective barriers for oral sex than you need to read our post on why and how to protect yourself. Other trusted resources include Scarleteen and The Body. (Some external links are affiliates).

Skip to the end for more about flavored non-latex sex dams. No flavored non-latex male condoms were found. We searched over 20 condom retail sites, flipped through hundreds of flavored options paraben-free, sugar-free, vegan, organic fruit extracts but it seems non-latex also equals non-flavor.  And ditch your resolve to find a dry, non-lubricated, non-latex barrier because those don’t exist either! (see plastic wrap below).

In general, the popular assumption must be that polyisoprene and polyurethane condoms aren’t manufactured with that latexy aftertaste and smell. So what’s the point of flavoring them?  Personally, I have never smelled or tasted anything from standard lubricated polyisoprene condoms (so far I’ve only tried original Lifestyles Skyn). Others have stated that polyurethane also has no-to-little scent and taste. But everyone is different. If you do not like the scent and taste of non-latex we have two important suggestions for you.

Left with these non-latex limitation, here are two options (comment below if you have more ideas).

1) Add your own flavored lube.

Flavored lubricants come in all sorts of variety. Rain offers 8 flavored single packs. From

Flavored lubricants come in all sorts of variety. Rain offers 8 flavored single packs. From

Think of non-latex as a clean plate that you can fill up with your personal buffet of hundreds of flavors and sensations. Literally hundreds. Flavored lubes are designed for oral sex.  Yes, they are safe to ingest (you only need a drop or two). Plus, lube does more than just mask condom tastes nice. It greatly heightens sensation, body heat transfer and can be lots of fun. Experiment! However, you may be allergic to an ingredient such as glycerin or silicon, so check the content. Also, make sure your lube is compatible with polyisoprene or polyurethane barriers.

Here are some recommended flavored lubes from some of our Condom Monologuers. The Sexpert’s personal favorite is K-Y’s Your’s & Mine Kissables, strawberry & chocolate flavor. She also recommends any flavor of the Masque flavored gel strips that you put on your tongue before going down. Other condom monologuers love watermelon, sour apple and very berry. Writer Ams Sweiger also praises flavorless lubes- Ideally water-based, like Astoglide, because silicon can leave a funky aftertaste.

2) Plastic Wrap

(But not the microwaveable kind! That has holes which STIs and viruses can pass through). Plastic wrap comes lube-free but is compatible with all types of lubricant (oil, silicon and water-based), and it’s the least expensive of prophylactics. You can also easily cut it to the exact size and shape needed. This is a good solution for latex sensitive people who like lubricants and want safer cunnilingus (vulva oral sex; “eating out”) and analigus (anal oral sex; “rimming”). However, plastic wrap is not really recommended for effective protection when giving head (fellatio; “blow job”). Also keep in mind that plastic wrap tears more easily than other non-latex options, so be a bit more tender.

The one flavored non-latex is…

Well, vulvas and buttholes- it’s the Hot Dam! Banana is it’s flavor. However, it looks as though the manufacturer has stopped producing this version as we can’t confirm any retail site with them currently in stock! In other words, Hot Dams are available, but not necessarily with flavor.

Help us update this post

Have you come across any non-latex flavored barriers?  Do you have a favorite lubricant?  Post a comment or ask question below.

SKYN Original Polyisoprene Condom Review


SKYN Originals have been around a while now and seeing as I am involved in a condom blog I thought it was about time I actually tried the non-latex offering.  In fact, this is the first condom ever made from polyisoprene.

I knew before I tried SKYN that they had advertised as the first and that this material was not latex rubber. However, I did have to ask the question What the f**k is polyisoprene? As it turns out, it is pretty much just rubber. It has very similar chemical structure, however, it’s synthetic and derives from petroleum rather than tress. It’s close enough that it’s sometimes referred to as ‘synthetic natural rubber’.

Although very similar in structure to latex it’s a good alternative for those who have a latex allergy or if the smell and taste of latex repels you. However, it’s not so good if you are trying to ween off petroleum dependency.

SKYN is part of the Lifestyle’s range in the USA and it can be found licensed for sale pretty much across the world including other brands such as Mates in the UK.

Trying a new condom can be oddly nerve racking. A bad condom can break the moment which (of course) is much less of a problem than it actually breaking but still not the outcome one wants! Non-latex still hasn’t yet taken the mainstream market yet…perhaps because they are more expensive or because latex allergy is not very prominent. But one does not need allergies to enjoy these johnnies.

Here’s My Review

So unwrapping the SKYN, my partner and I were not totally sure what to expect.

The moment was pretty much anti-climatic. Tearing open the wrapper, like Charlie looking for the golden ticket, we found simply a condom- a humble, transparent, normal looking rubbery lubricated condom. The condom rolled on very well. No drama. No talking points!

From other reviews I’ve come across, I expected it to feel and sound like sandwich bag, but no. The condom felt great! If no one told me, I wouldn’t have been able to ousted it out as a latex imposter. As much as I could tell it felt the same as a perfectly fitting latex condom. If comparisons had to be drawn I would say it felt like regular Lifestyles Ultra Thin or Durex Love.

Size wise it fit me great. The SKYN original is an average sized condom with a base width of 2.08”/53mm and a length: 7.5”/190mm. There is an XL and extra-lubricated version in the range so it may be worth picking up the multipack to get an idea of what works with you the best. In fact, this is the only non-latex XL condom available on the market!

SKYN say that their condom is softer and more flexible than regular latex. While I can’t for sure say that is the case, I can say after a few uses I have experienced no comfort problems, neither has my partner. They roll on easily, fit well and don’t inhibit feeling during sex. Perfectly satisfied.

I would say they are well worth a try!

Some external links are affiliate links that help us pay for this site. This is not a condom company endorsement. All opinions shared are the author’s own.

What Fire & Ice Condoms Feel Like According to Pilar Reyes

This story by Pilar Reyes is originally published on Fuck Feast (@fuckfeast) and cross-posted with permission. The opinions shared are the writer’s own. NSFW. 

Whenever I’m in the “Family Planning” aisle at Walmart, usually I just spring for the condoms that are on sale today. Sure, I can always score condoms at various free clinics and free love inclined coffee shops in Oakland, but it’s always good to have some back up, just in case. About a week and a half ago I bought a 36 pack of Trojans, you know, the one that has 4 different varieties of condoms on them. Generally, it would never occur to me to buy those weird “Fire & Ice” condoms or anything other than standard, cheap condoms because, I’ll be honest, I’m not the one with the penis and different types of condoms don’t really create any marginal increase in pleasure, so who cares. (Maybe the dude cares, but if he really cares that much, shouldn’t he be the one buying condoms? And while we’re on that subject, how come it’s always my responsibility to have the condoms? Dudes in this city are so underprepared. I guess every boy in Oakland failed in the Boy Scouts department.)

Anyways, back on topic. I wasn’t really paying attention to the type of condom that the boy was putting on (mostly I just cared that it got on there), but after a few minutes there was this weird tingly-numb sensation in my pussy that immediately made me think, “I’m dying inside my vagina.” But, no, a few seconds later, I thought, “Maybe I’m contracting an STD right now and this is what it feels like….”

Read the full story at Fuck Feast

f-feast (1)

Pilar Reyes is an Oakland native who still lives in her hometown. She publishes pieces daily for Fuck Feast [], her personal blog. When she’s not writing, she’s doing bad things. Follow her on Twitter: @pilar [].

GLYDE Vegan Condom Size Chart

Image from

Image from

GLYDE has one major advantage on the market. These are the ONLY latex condoms and dams officially certified by the Vegan Society which means they are animal/dairy-free (no casein) and do not support animal testing. They’re also Fair Trade to help protect worker rights. Finally, GLYDE donates 15% of sales of its Red Ribbon condoms to AIDS councils (see GLYDE FAQ). So now you have even more reasons to feel great using these sex companions!

GLYDE is a good option if you are sensitive to allergens. No gluten, paraben, spermicide, formaldehyde, talcum powder are used in the manufacturing process. The lubricant is silicon oil which is free of paraben and glycerin. Any water-based or oil-based lubricant is safe to use with GLYDE latex condoms and dams.

Here we provide measurements for GYLDE. Most of the dimensions were found on the company website or by Undercover Condoms and Condom Jungle (UPDATE: Due to customer complaints, CondomJungle has stop supplying this brand).

Dimensions are also listed on the packaging (would be nice if every company did that!). Some external links in this post are affiliate links that earn us a small commission.

In general, GLYDE’s dimensions are between 7.1” (180mm) to 7.5 (190mm) long and 2.1” (53mm) to 2.2” (56mm) wide. This places GYLDE on the smaller end of “regular” condoms in the North American.

For comparisons, check out our condom size calculator or fitting solutions guide list.


GLYDE Sheer Flavored Dental Dams
More information on the importance of protected oral sex.
Made From organic fruit extracts; no synthetic flavors
100% vegan
Ultra thin and smooth
Flavors include Vanilla/crème, strawberry/pink, wildberry/purple, cola/black
10” x 6”/25cm x 15cm



GLYDE Slimfit
The most snug 100% vegan condom on the market
Base width: 1.9”/49mm
Length: 6.7”/170mm
Comes in natural transparent color, red color, or strawberry flavor


GLYDE Ultra Premium
100% vegan natural latex
Transparent color, cylinder straight shape
Base width: 2.1”/ 53mm
Length: 7.1”/ 180mm

GLYDE Sheer Flavored Condoms
From organic fruit extracts; no synthetic chemicals
No chemicals, parabens or spermicide
Base width: 2.1”/53mm
Length: 7.1”/180mm

Flavors include…
GYLDE Ultra Vanilla    GLYDE Ultra Strawberry    GLYDE Ultra Blueberry
GLYDE Ultra Wild Berry GLYDE Ultra Black Licorice/Cola


GLYDE Sampler Pack
Don’t be shy, give new condoms a try!
Pack includes most popular flavors: GLYDE Ultra Vanilla, Strawberry, Blueberry, Wildberry and
GLYDE Slimfit


GLYDE Maxi Premium
This condom offers a little more length and width than regular condoms
Base width: 2.2”/56mm
Length: 7.8”/200mm

There is also a Maxi Red. 15% of sales for GYLDE Red Ribbons are donated to AIDS councils.

GLYDE SuperMax
The largest vegan condom on the market!
Base width: 2.36”/ 60mm
Length: 7.87”/200mm
(Super Max is not yet available to buy from N. America)

GLYDE Non-Latex

GLYDE Unique
GLYDE’s non-latex male condoms
Seems to be available to buy from Australia only.
Base width: 2.36”/ 60mm
Length: 6.7”/ 170mm
We’re dubious about these measurements as we have never seen such vast proportion of length and width before. Dimensions provided by If these measurements are true, this is the shortest, fattest condom available! We recommend contacting the manufacturer directly.

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Caution Wear Condom Size Chart

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Caution Wear Corp is a relatively new American company- formed in New Hampshire in 2004.  They follow the “safety first” motto by making condoms slightly thicker and with a 100% manufacture guarantee.  So, if a condom breaks you can return the box for a full refund (not the used condom, of course!).

All Caution Wears are straight classic shape.  No funky flares or twists. The average size of these condoms is Flat width = 2.0” and Length = 7.0”, making Caution Wear a bit shorter than other leading US brands like Trojan, Durex, Lifestyles and Kimono (links to sizes charts).  Caution Wear makes one of the smallest condom on the North American market- Iron Grip– which we found to be the same dimensions as Durex Enhanced Pleasure (Flat width = 1.92”/Length = 6.7”). For more variety, check out Lucky Bloke’s smaller condom sample pack.

On the larger side: unlike other large condom that are both longer and wider than regulars, Caution Wear Grande maintains the same 7.0” length but is wider.  This is ideal for thicker than average men who aren’t particularly long.

If you don’t feel like scrolling through lists and want brand comparisons, check out our Condom Size Calculator!

Now, onto the size chart

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Snug Fit/Latex

iron gripCaution Wear Iron Grip

One of the smallest latex condoms on the market.
Base width: 1.92”/49mm
Length: 6.7”/170mm
Head width: .6”/15mm

Large Fit/Latex

Caution Wear Grande

Caution Wear’s largest condom (wider than regular condoms, but regular length).
Base width: 2.2”/56mm
Length: 7.0”/180mm


Caution Wear Black Ice Ultra Thin

Caution Wears’ thinnest condom (slightly thicker than other brands of thin condoms)
Base width: 2.0”/53mm
Length: 7.0”/180mm

Caution Wear Wild Rose Ribbed

Ribbed straight shaped condom
Base width: 2.0”/53mm
Length: 7.0”/180mm

Caution Wear Classic Plain (a.k.a. PPE for “Premium Protection Everytime”)

Silicon-based Lubricant, straight shaped, clear color condom
Base width: 2.0”/53mm
Length: 7.0/180mm
Head width: .6”/15mm

Caution Wear Slippery When Wet

Classic fit condom with double, silicon-based lubrication
Base width: 2.0”/53mm
Length: 7.0/180mm

Mint Delight

Lubricated, flavored condom.
Base width: 2.0”/53mm
Length: 7.0”/180mm

Caution Wear Variety Pack

Contains 3 of Caution Wear variety: Ultra Thin, Ribbed and Classic Plain.
Experimenting is the best way to find the right condom!
Base width: 2.0”/53mm
Length: 7.0”/180mm


Confused about what condom width will fit?  We recommend dividing you penis girth by 2.25 (penis circumference / 2.25 = condom width). Here we explain where these numbers comes from.

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