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Yes, Condoms Deserve A Holiday Too!

Forget the Valentine’s Day candies and roses. What better way to gear up for Vday romance than celebrating International Condom Day! (#ICD2015 to you, Twitter.)

This year the AHF is changing the way we think about condoms.

This year the AHF is changing the way we think about condoms.

February 13th marks this holiday of awareness as a time to educate and celebrate safer sex. World, be prepared for thousands of free condom dispensaries and numerous safer sex events across 31 countries. In the US, the AHF (AIDS Health Organization) has organized 37 events in 12 states including some “hot zones” like the District of Colombia, which has the highest national rate of HIV in the country; and Mississippi and Texas, two states which have some of the strictest laws against public sex education and (by no coincidence) the highest national average of teen pregnancies.

Indeed, there is plenty to celebrate when it comes to condoms.

The first being that condoms are the most effective method available today that protects against both STIs and accidental pregnancy. Can’t beat that.

Each year, the AHF curates this holiday around a theme. This year’s theme is “Coolness”; that is, “Condoms Are Cool”. Now, before you roll your eyes and think, “Not another lame, out-of-touch attempt to get youth to use condoms,” I challenge you to check out the AHF corresponding video series. They launched a trio of videos related to young people buying condoms at a local corner shop or “bodega”.

Here is the first of the AHF’s “Bodega Nights” video series. Trust me, you have never seen a condom commercial like this one. Unlike traditional public service announcements (PSAs) that are overtly serious and fear-based, this one actually combines condoms with confidence, fun and sexiness.

The coolness doesn’t stop there. In addition to their “Bodega Nights” video series, the AHF also released a catchy party song. It is a condom-related parody of one of today’s global hits, Pharrell Williams’s “Happy”. The hope is to renew attention of the importance of safer sex in a way that will never go out of style.

Because I wrap it
Put it on and get in on, if that’s what you want to do.
Because I wrap it,
Cause you know that you are hot, and these condoms sure are cool.
Because I wrap it
Wrap it, put your hands up, and let yourself be free,
Because I wrap it
Just love your self enough to know that protection is the key.
– “Because I Wrap It” by Danny Fernandez

You can listen to the song and download the lyrics for your Karaoke pleasures here.

View more domestic and international Condom Day events here.

GLYDE Vegan Condom Size Chart

Image from

Image from

GLYDE has one major advantage on the market. These are the ONLY latex condoms and dams officially certified by the Vegan Society which means they are animal/dairy-free (no casein) and do not support animal testing. They’re also Fair Trade to help protect worker rights. Finally, GLYDE donates 15% of sales of its Red Ribbon condoms to AIDS councils (see GLYDE FAQ). So now you have even more reasons to feel great using these sex companions!

GLYDE is a good option if you are sensitive to allergens. No gluten, paraben, spermicide, formaldehyde, talcum powder are used in the manufacturing process. The lubricant is silicon oil which is free of paraben and glycerin. Any water-based or oil-based lubricant is safe to use with GLYDE latex condoms and dams.

Here we provide measurements for GYLDE. Most of the dimensions were found on the company website or by Undercover Condoms and Condom Jungle (UPDATE: Due to customer complaints, CondomJungle has stop supplying this brand).

Dimensions are also listed on the packaging (would be nice if every company did that!). Some external links in this post are affiliate links that earn us a small commission.

In general, GLYDE’s dimensions are between 7.1” (180mm) to 7.5 (190mm) long and 2.1” (53mm) to 2.2” (56mm) wide. This places GYLDE on the smaller end of “regular” condoms in the North American.

For comparisons, check out our condom size calculator or fitting solutions guide list.


GLYDE Sheer Flavored Dental Dams
More information on the importance of protected oral sex.
Made From organic fruit extracts; no synthetic flavors
100% vegan
Ultra thin and smooth
Flavors include Vanilla/crème, strawberry/pink, wildberry/purple, cola/black
10” x 6”/25cm x 15cm



GLYDE Slimfit
The most snug 100% vegan condom on the market
Base width: 1.9”/49mm
Length: 6.7”/170mm
Comes in natural transparent color, red color, or strawberry flavor


GLYDE Ultra Premium
100% vegan natural latex
Transparent color, cylinder straight shape
Base width: 2.1”/ 53mm
Length: 7.1”/ 180mm

GLYDE Sheer Flavored Condoms
From organic fruit extracts; no synthetic chemicals
No chemicals, parabens or spermicide
Base width: 2.1”/53mm
Length: 7.1”/180mm

Flavors include…
GYLDE Ultra Vanilla    GLYDE Ultra Strawberry    GLYDE Ultra Blueberry
GLYDE Ultra Wild Berry GLYDE Ultra Black Licorice/Cola


GLYDE Sampler Pack
Don’t be shy, give new condoms a try!
Pack includes most popular flavors: GLYDE Ultra Vanilla, Strawberry, Blueberry, Wildberry and
GLYDE Slimfit


GLYDE Maxi Premium
This condom offers a little more length and width than regular condoms
Base width: 2.2”/56mm
Length: 7.8”/200mm

There is also a Maxi Red. 15% of sales for GYLDE Red Ribbons are donated to AIDS councils.

GLYDE SuperMax
The largest vegan condom on the market!
Base width: 2.36”/ 60mm
Length: 7.87”/200mm
(Super Max is not yet available to buy from N. America)

GLYDE Non-Latex

GLYDE Unique
GLYDE’s non-latex male condoms
Seems to be available to buy from Australia only.
Base width: 2.36”/ 60mm
Length: 6.7”/ 170mm
We’re dubious about these measurements as we have never seen such vast proportion of length and width before. Dimensions provided by If these measurements are true, this is the shortest, fattest condom available! We recommend contacting the manufacturer directly.

Stay Updated!

This size chart will be updated regularly and we will post as soon as more Glyde products become available in North America.  Follow us on twitter @condommonologue, like us on, or sign up to our RSS feed.  You can always shoot us a question in the comment section below.

Let us know what you think!  Have you tried Glyde condoms?

Non-Rolling Condoms Look Like This…

A California-based company is hoping to revolutionize protective barriers by introducing the Origami Condom (company website). Their three condom types are currently under clinical testing and are expected to hit the market by 2015, but already the prototype has received much attention. Speculations range from eager “Fuck yeahs!” to fearful “Hell nos” like Linda Sharps’ worry of “weird noises” this accordion-shape might make. Well, such are the trials of new technology.

To their credit, Origami Condoms has been applauded by the popular daytime show The Doctors (watch TV segment). Bigger still, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has titled Origami the leading condom innovator in the private sector. Gates blogs about it here.

Leading Condom Innovation

Head honchos aside, here are at least 4 reasons why this new johnny should turn your head.

It is the first of many things.

Origami Male Condom (OMC) via

Origami Male Condom (OMC) via


1) It’s the first non-roll condom. This is the most striking feature. The bare physics of it are even more intriguing. Its folding “pleats” allow the condom to move and flex consistently with the body, unlike a roll-on condom which is engineered to clutch in place against movement. Another plus is that Origami is made of non-allergenic, soft silicon (here’s our post for more on non-latex options).  This video demonstration comparing a male latex condom to an Origami clearly shows the difference (YouTube).

warning: videos here may not be suitable for children or work environment

2) It’s the first to dress in under 3 seconds. The video shows why Origami boasts that it’s male condom can be put on faster and easier than a classic rolling latex. Departure from the rolling-down procedure is made possible by a folding, extendable sleeve. So there is less chance of snagging skin, choking and bunching up in the way of intimacy. The female and anal condoms will come with an optional insertion applicator if help is needed.

Origami Anal Condom via

Origami Anal Condom via

3) It’s the first to focus on anal sex. Today, the only other option for protective anal sex, besides the standard roll on condoms, is the female condom. Yet, the FC2 (which is the only female condom available- more on that below) has not been approved by the FDA for anal sex. In fact, before Origami, there are no condoms which are tested and approved specifically for safe anal sex.

Origami Female Condom via

Origami Female Condom via

4) It’s a new female condom. This is good news given the very limited options of female condoms on the market. The FC2 is the only female condom available in North America and is made of nitrile rubber which carries few allergens. The silicon material of Origami has absolutely no allergies. Also, the flexibility of Origami may be more form fitting compared to the one-size-fits-all design of FC2 which does not favor everyone.

The Origami Condom designs are not only innovative; they’re inclusive of other sexualities and sex practices that are often overlooked in the safer sex industry.

This is my own speculation (and there has been no human testing done, so take with a grain of salt!), but perhaps due to the collar at the opening of the female and anal Origami, this design might open doors to a more effective condom at preventing STIs like HPV, of which standard male condoms are ust 70% effective (according to a study via New Scientist).

“Origami Wont’ Go Viral, But The Promo Should!”-  Danny Resnic, Origami inventor and owner

This is what the Origami inventor proclaims in his reach-out Indiegogo Campaign video.  Resnic explains that because this is a totally new barrier protection, it is crucial to communicate to the world how to use Origami correctly and consistently. However, Origami is facing serious marketing challenges due to FCC media restrictions.

Danny Resnic, inventor of Origami Condoms, seeks funding to produce a FCC compatible media promo via Indiegogo

Danny Resnic, inventor of Origami Condoms, seeks funding to produce a FCC compatible media promo via Indiegogo

The FCC will not allow a condom to be shown on TV and radio ads have language restrictions. This makes it really difficult to market a product that is so alternative and yet they cannot verbally or visually explain how to use it, nor can they mention anything relevant like buttholes and vagina or penis.

Thus Origami has launched a campaign to help raise funds to produce a 30 second TV and social media promo that is compatible with the FCC and delivers a clear message on correct and consistent use. Their goal is to reach $50,000 by the beginning of June. Check out their campaign on Indiegogo..

Visit the company website for news and sign up at the bottom of their page to be notified when Origami hits the market.  All images are provided by