Condom Size Calculator

We designed this calculator to make it easier to pinpoint condom size options that fit you best. Unlike our condom size charts that force you to scroll through dozens of separate lists and read each size, this calculator features custom searches of over 100 condoms all at once.

It will identify condoms based on a number of personal preferences including size range, shape, lubrication, material and texture. You can type descriptors in the search box like “thin”, “wide head”, “flavored” or even a brand name such as “Durex”, for example. Or you may search based on nominal dimensions.  Scroll down for in-depth instructions. Or just start playing with it and see what you can find!

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(External links displayed in this table may be affiliate links which earn us a small commission).


CondomBase WidthLengthShapeMaterialTry me on for size!
FC2 ("female" or "internal" condom) 2.99" / 76mm 7.2" / 185mmForms to vaginal/anal walls ; one size fits all; non-latex ; lubricatednitrile rubberCLICK TO TRY
Atlas True Fit1.73" / 45mm7.0" / 180mmdome head shape; snugg fit small condomlatexCLICK TO TRY
RFSU Mamba1.96" / 50mm6.9" / 175mm Contoured tight fit. smaller condom.vegan latexCLICK TO TRY
RFSU Profil / Magic2.0" / 52mm7.2" / 185mmUltra thin; contoured fitted tipvegan latexCLICK TO TRY
RFSU Grande2.2" / 54mm7.5" / 190mmwider shaft; large head 2.36" / 60mmvegan latexCLICK TO TRY
Trojan BareSkin (Supra) lubricated2.1" / 53mm7.9" / 200mmStraight shapepolyurethaneCLICK TO TRY
Trojan Ultra Thin Spermicide2.1" / 53mm7.6" / 196mmStraight shapelatexCLICK TO TRY
Trojan ThinTensity2.1" / 53mm8.0" / 203mmStrainght shape; longer and thinner condomlatexCLICK TO TRY
Trojan Ultra Thin lubricated2.1" / 53mm7.9" / 200mmStraight shapelatexCLICK TO TRY
Trojan Ultra Ribbed Spermicide2.13" / 54mm8.13" / 205mmWider shape; ribbed along shaft and headlatexCLICK TO TRY
Trojan Stimulations Ecstasy Ultra Ribbed lubricated2.13" / 54mm8.13" / 205mmRibbed on shaft and head. Similar size as Magnums. Extra roomy shape. Wide head 2.5" / 64mm latexCLICK TO TRY
Trojan Twisted Pleasure lubricated2.0" / 52mm7.9" / 200mmWide head; Ribbed at headlatexCLICK TO TRY
Trojan Fire & Ice Ecstasy dual lubricated2.13" / 54mm8.13" / 205mmWarming and tingling lubricant; Extra head room; Tapered at baselatexCLICK TO TRY
Trojan Her Pleasure Ecstasy2.13" / 54mm8.13" / 205mmDual lubricant.Ribbed on shaft; Same size and shape as Magnums; extra head roomlatexCLICK TO TRY
Trojan Extended Pleasure climax control lubricant2.05" / 52mm7.9" / 200mmStraight shapelatexCLICK TO TRY
Trojan ENZ non-lubricated2.1" / 53mm7.9" / 200mmStraight shapelatexCLICK TO TRY
Trojan ENZ Spermicidal lubricant2.1" / 53mm7.9" / 200mmStraight shapelatexCLICK TO TRY
Trojan Naturalamb Luxury2.6" / 68mm7.9" / 200mmStright shape; very wide!lamb product ; nonlatexCLICK TO TRY
Trojan Magnum Original2.13" / 54mm8.12" / 205mmLarge head width 2.5"/ 64mm; tapered at baselatexCLICK TO TRY
Trojan Magnum XL lubricated2.3" / 58mm8.1" / 206mmXL head width 2.7" / 68.6mmlatexCLICK TO TRY
Trojan Magnum Warming lubricant2.2" / 56mm8.12" / 205mmLarge head width 2.5"/ 64mm; tapered at baselatexCLICK TO TRY
Trojan Magnum Ecstasy Ultrasmooth extra lubricant2.2" / 56mm8.12" / 205mmLarge head width 2.5"/ 64mm; tapered at baselatexCLICK TO TRY
Trojan Magnum Fire & Ice Dual lubricant2.2" / 56mm8.12" / 205mmLarge head width 2.5"/ 63mm; tapered at baselatexCLICK TO TRY
Trojan Magnum Thin lubricated2.2" / 56mm8.12" / 205mmLarge head width 2.5"/ 64mm; tapered at baselatexCLICK TO TRY
Durex Enhanced Pleasure lubricated2.16" / 55mm8.0" / 203mmTapered under head for a secure fitlatexCLICK TO TRY
Durex Avanti Bare Real Feel/Latex Free2.1" / 52mm7.2" / 183mmNon-latex. Easy roll on shape.polyisopreneCLICK TO TRY
Durex Performax climax control lubricant2.13" / 54mm7.5" / 190mmTapered under head. Desensitizing lubricant on the inside to prolong climax.latexCLICK TO TRY
Durex Extra Sensitive lubricated2.13" / 54mm7.5" / 190mmtapered at head; 2.2"/ 56mm head widthlatexCLICK TO TRY
Durex Sensi Thin lubricated2.13" / 54mm7.9" / 200mmStraight shape, thinnest condomlatexCLICK TO TRY
Durex Natural Feeling non-lubricated2.1" / 52mm7.5" / 190mmeasy roll on flare shape, non-lubricatedlatexCLICK TO TRY
Durex Natural Feeling lubricated2.1" / 52mm7.5" / 190mmFlare shape, water-based lubelatexCLICK TO TRY
Durex PleasureMax2.13" / 54mm7.5" / 190mmPleasure Dome-head shape ; tapered ; ribbed and studdedlatexCLICK TO TRY
Durex Maximum Love lubricated2.13" / 54mm7.8" / 198mmtapered flare shape for easy roll-onlatexCLICK TO TRY
Durex XXL lubricated (discontinued)2.3" / 58mm8.3" / 210mmeasy roll on tapered shape flares at the baselatexCLICK TO TRY
LifeStyles Snugger Fit lubricated1.9" / 48mm6.7" / 170mmSkinny shaft; fitted head 1.9" / 48mm wide ; reservoir tiplatexCLICK TO TRY
SKYN Original lubricated2.1" / 53mm7.5" / 190mmStraight shapepolyisopreneCLICK TO TRY
SKYN extra lubricated2.1" / 53mm7.5" / 190mmStraight shapepolyisopreneCLICK TO TRY
SKYN Large lubricated2.2" / 56mm7.8" / 200mmStraight shapepolyisopreneCLICK TO TRY
LifeStyles THYN lubricated2.1" / 53mm7.8" / 200mmTapered base widens up the shaft ; Flare shapelatexCLICK TO TRY
LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive lubricated2.0" / 52mm7.5" / 190mmWide head. Thinnest Lifestyles latex condom.latexCLICK TO TRY
LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive non-lubricated2.0" / 52mm7.5" / 190mmnon lubricatedlatexCLICK TO TRY
LifeStyles Ultra Thin lubricated2.1" / 53mm7.5" / 190mmeasy roll on shape tapered at under head roomlatexCLICK TO TRY
LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive w/ spermicide2.1" / 53mm7.5" / 190mmTapered under head room; N-9 spermicidelatexCLICK TO TRY
LifeStyles Ultra Lube Plus2.1" / 53mm7.5" / 190mmTapered at base flare shapelatexCLICK TO TRY
LifeStyles Pleasure Shape lubricated (Pleasure Tipp)2.0" / 52mm7.5" / 190mmHuge, oversized head room 2.9" / 74mm!latexCLICK TO TRY
LifeStyles THRYLL studded and lubricated2.1" / 53mm7.5" / 190mmStraight shapelatexCLICK TO TRY
LifeStyles WYLD ribbed & UltraGlyde longlasting lubricant2.1" / 53mm7.5" / 190mmStraight shapelatexCLICK TO TRY
LifeStyles 3SUM ribbed, studded, lubricated1.9" / 50mm6.7" / 170mmUnique ergomonic shape, wider shaft, tight headlatexCLICK TO TRY
LifeStyles Pleasure ribbed lubricated2.0" / 52mm7.5" / 190mmStraight shapelatexCLICK TO TRY
LifeStyle Fun Bumps2.0" / 52mm7.5" / 190mmStraight shape; studded along shaft; Mint flavor and intense blue color.latexCLICK TO TRY
LifeStyles KYNG Gold2.2" / 56mm8.2" / 210mmWider base and head than regular size condomslatexCLICK TO TRY
LifeStyles KYNG Ribbed2.2" / 56mm8.2" / 210mmStraight shape; Ribbed along shaft. Large condom.latexCLICK TO TRY
LifeStyles KYNG Blue Box large2.2" / 56mm7.8" / 200mmLarge condom; tapered under reservior tip; tapered at the base for secure fitlatexCLICK TO TRY
LifeStyles Turbo dual action lubricant2.1" / 53mm7.6" / 192mmTapered at the base; Excite Gel, warming and tingling lubricant inside and outsidelatexCLICK TO TRY
LifeStyles Extra Strength2.1" / 53mm7.5" / 190mmThicker than average condomslatexCLICK TO TRY
LifeStyles Tuxedo2.1" / 53mm7.5" / 190mmsolid black color; flare shapelatexCLICK TO TRY
GLYDE Slim Fit1.9"/ 49mm6.7" / 170mmThe most snug vegan condom on the marketvegan latexCLICK TO TRY
GLYDE Ultra Premium lubricated2.1" / 53mm7.5" / 190mmStraight cylinder shape; thin; fair tradevegan latexCLICK TO TRY
GLYDE Ultra Vanilla lubricated2.1" / 53mm7.5" / 190mmflavored; straight shapevegan latexCLICK TO TRY
GLYDE Ultra Blueberry lubricated2.1" / 53mm7.5" / 190mmflavored; straight shapevegan latexCLICK TO TRY
GLYDE Ultra Strawberry2.1" / 53mm7.5" / 190mmflavored; straight shapevegan latexCLICK TO TRY
GLYDE Ultra Wildberry2.1" / 53mm7.5" / 190mmflavored; straight shapevegan latexCLICK TO TRY
GLYDE Ultra Black licorice2.1" / 53mm7.5" / 190mmflavored; straight shapevegan latexCLICK TO TRY
GLYDE Maxi Premium lubricated2.25" / 57mm8.0" / 205mmstraight shape; largest vegan fair trade condomvegan latexCLICK TO TRY
Caution Wear Iron Grip1.92" / 49mm6.7" / 170mmHead width 15mm; tapered baselatexCLICK TO TRY
Caution Wear Grande2.25" / 56mm7.0" / 180mmWide/ fat condom with slightly shorter length; Straight cylinder shapelatexCLICK TO TRY
Caution Wear Black Ice ultra thin2.1" / 53mm7.0" / 180mmStraight shapelatexCLICK TO TRY
Caution Wear Wild Rose ribbed2.1" / 53mm7.0" / 180mmStraight shapelatexCLICK TO TRY
Caution Wear Classic lubricated2.1" / 53mm7.0" / 180mmStraight shapelatexCLICK TO TRY
Caution Wear Slippery When Wet2.1" / 53mm7.0" / 180mmExtra lubricated; straight shapelatexCLICK TO TRY
Caution Wear Mint Delight2.1" / 53mm7.0" / 180mmMint flavor; straight shapelatexCLICK TO TRY
Beyond Seven Ultra Thin2.0" / 52mm7.2" / 182mmClassic straight shapeSheerlon latexCLICK TO TRY
Beyond Seven Aloe enriched lubricated2.0" / 52mm7.2" / 182mmExtra lubrication; straight shapeSheerlon latexCLICK TO TRY
Beyond Seven Crown2.1" / 54mm7.5" / 190mmLightly lubricatedSheerlon latexCLICK TO TRY
Beyond Seven (Okamoto) 0042.1" / 54mm7.5" / 190mm0.04 thickness; straight shapeSheerlon latexCLICK TO TRY
Beyond Seven studded2.0" / 51mm7.2" / 182mmLightly lubricated; Studs along shaftSheerlon latexCLICK TO TRY
Kimono Mirco Thin2.05" / 52mm7.52" / 192mmSilicon lubricant; thinnest condom in USA; straight shapelatexCLICK TO TRY
Kimono Mirco Thin Plus aqua lube2.05" / 52mm7.52" / 192mmWater-based lube; straight shapelatexCLICK TO TRY
Kimono textured2.05" / 52mm7.52" / 192mmStudded & ribbed; contoured shapelatexCLICK TO TRY
Kimono Mirco Thin Large2.15" / 54mm7.68" / 195mmContoured and tapered under head; 2.3" / 59mm head widthlatexCLICK TO TRY
Kimono MAXX2.15" / 54mm; 2.35" / 59mm head7.68" / 195mm2.35" / 59mm head width; thinnest of large condomslatexCLICK TO TRY
ONE Classic Select2.1"/ 53mm7.5" / 192mmStraight shapelatexCLICK TO TRY
ONE Super Sensitive2.1" / 53mm7.5" / 190mmExtra lubrication; straight shapelatexCLICK TO TRY
ONE Zero Ultra Thin2.1" / 53mm7.1" / 180mmOne's thinnest. Straight shapelatexCLICK TO TRY
ONE Trantric Pleasure2.3" / 56mm; 2.4" / 62mm head7.4" / 188mm62mm head width; Unique ribbed design; flare shapelatexCLICK TO TRY
ONE Pleasure Plus2.1" / 53mm7.5" / 190mmRibbed; roomy head spacelatexCLICK TO TRY
ONE Pleasure Dome2.1" / 53mm7.5" / 190mmextra head room; dome shapelatexCLICK TO TRY
ONE 576 Sensation2.0" / 52mm7.5" / 190mm576 raised dots, studded stimulation; straight shapelatexCLICK TO TRY
ONE Glowing Pleasures2.1" / 53mm7.5" / 190mmStraight shape; glows-in-the-darklatexCLICK TO TRY
ONE The Legend2.3" / 56mm; 2.4" / 61mm head7.8" / 200mmExtra large, tapered shape. Shaft 59mm wide; Head 61mm widelatexCLICK TO TRY
ONE Color Sensations2.1" / 53mm7.5" / 190mm10 different colors; straight shapelatexCLICK TO TRY
L. Classic2.1" / 53mm7.5" / 190mmStraight shape; long-lasting lubricant gylcerin and paraben freevegan latexCLICK TO TRY
L. Ultra Thin2.1" / 53mm7.5" / 190mmstraight shape; long lasting lubevegan latexCLICK TO TRY
Billy Boy Beaded2.0" / 52mm6.8" / 175mmstudded condom; shorter with standard width.latexCLICK TO TRY
Billy Boy Extra Lubricated2.0" / 52mm6.8" / 175mmstraight shape; silicone lubelatexCLICK TO TRY
Billy Boy Special Comfort2.0" / 52mm6.8" / 175mmLarger head room; 2.4" / 62mm head widthlatexCLICK TO TRY
Billy Boy Special Power2.0" / 52mm6.8" / 175mmStraight shape. Thicker condom.100mm thicknesslatexCLICK TO TRY
Lucky Bloke's Medium Non-Latex Condom Sampler2.1" / 53mm7.5" / 190mm5 different non-latex quality condoms to try!Medium condom sampler: polyurethane; polyisoprene; nitrile rubber; synthetic resinCLICK TO TRY
Lucky Bloke's Larger Non-Latex Condom Sampler2.2" - 2.7" / 56mm - 68mm7.8" / 200mm4 different non-latex quality condoms to try!Large condom sampler: polyisoprene; nitrile rubber; synthetic resin; lamb productCLICK TO TRY

Of course, the calculator is not as helpful if you don’t know your erect size.  Read our tips for measuring penis size. Also, it’s important to understand what condom length and base width actually mean.  For example, if you measure 4.8inches wide (the average erect girth of a North American guy according to a recent study), will you fit a 2.0 inch wide condom? The answer is YES. However, comfort may vary depending on your shape, the elasticity and lubrication of the condom. Read our suggestions below and visit our tips for converting penis size to condom size for more help.

How to Use

There are many ways to use the calculator and search condoms.  Here are some guidelines.

Select Multiple Characteristics:

The basics principle of the calculator is to select many specifications to generate more search results. Do not select one specification from the drop down menus.  It is best to select multiple specifications in order to find a variety of condoms.

For example, if you select from the “Length” drop menu one size (say, 7.48″/190mm) you are commanding the calculator to only find that exact measurement. The calculator will only show the one condom which matches 7.48 inches. After selecting this specification, you will find that no other search options are available (e.g. “width” is grayed out). This is because there are no more condoms available with the specification you selected.

Example in image.

calcultor direction step 1

Make sure to select multiple specifications to broaden your search. Do not select just one characteristic.

De-Select Characteristics:

You can delete specifications by simply clicking on them. This will also help broaden your search. Don’t be afraid to play around a bit. Select many lengths and widths.

calculator directions step 3

Select and de-select as many or as few specifications from the drop menus.

Exact Keywords Search Box:

Use the search box to narrow the search by specific condom names, brands and characteristics such as “thin”, “studded”, non-lubricated”. Be aware that it will only generate results of an exact match to what you type. So play around with adjective, spaces, and hyphens. For example, typing “nonlubricated” vs. “non-lubricated” (with a hyphen) will give different results.   

calculator directions step 4

Search by typing in exact condom names, features or characteristics. The “Click To Try” link will show you where the condom is available from our trusted affiliates at Lucky Bloke and Undercover Condoms.


Condom Ratio to Penis Girth:

Base width: We advise selecting condom base width that is within 10% to 20% ratio of penis circumference. Remember, base width is measured by the condom laying flat. This is not the circumference. To translate your penis girth to condom width divide your penis girth by 2.25 (Read how we got this recommended figure).

Length: Condom length is far more elastic and versatile than width and can accommodate many different penis sizes. We advise selecting condom measurements that are longer than exact penis length, about half an inch (24mm) longer than your penis. Consider that there needs to be enough room at the reservoir tip (enough material to pinch between your thumb and index finger or about 0.5″/13mm length) to contain sperm. Most North American condoms are between 7.0″/ 180mm and 7.5″/190mm long. This will suit a broad range of guys who measure 5.0″/127mm to 6.5″/165mm long.

Please know that we are not medical experts and are very transparent about where we get this information from.

Never Ending Updates

Currently this chart has about 100 condoms. We update as new condoms and sizes come to our attention.

Let us know! If you experience any problems, have question or ideas to improve our new condom selector tool, please comment below.

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