Condom Size Chart has been Updated

iStock_000008877505XSmallCondom Monologues is thrilled to announce that our Condom Size Chart is up-to-date!  This is our most popular post so we think it crucial to keep it spick and span.  It includes objective measurements researched by CM’s staff of all the latest condom products from North America’s top three brands: Trojan, Durex and LifeStyles. And we provide links to other works at CM depending on how in-depth you want to know your condom before using.

This is not a company endorsement.  We do not cater support for one condom company over another.  Instead we offer this as a map to help guide through the frustrating aisle of condoms where each product self-proclaims to be the “Thinnest”, “Most Sensitive”, “Ultra Pleasure” out there. We hope this size chart continues to help find suitable condoms and experience new pleasures.

Check out the latest version of Condom Size Chart here!


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