Condom Size Chart

This article aims to consolidate sizing info from leading brands.  We hope to lessen the confusion over what’s “snug”, “regular”, and “XL”. Last updated: 8 November 2015

For a more user friendly, comparative condom search try our new Condom Size Calculator .

When it comes to condoms, fitting matters for effective protection and pleasure. Considering the array of choices and the fact that every penis is different, finding the right condom can be daunting (but also fun!).  The best thing to do is experiment and keep an open mind to new brands, contours, textures.

Measurements here are from our self measurements or from our trusted affiliates at Lucky Bloke and Undercover Condoms. The reported width is measured by condoms laying flat, so it is not the circumference. To understand if your penis girth fits condom width simply divide your penis circumference by 2.25.  How did we get this formula? Read this post for research details.

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We’ve added new size charts for Gylde CondomsKimono CondomsBeyond Seven Condoms, ONE, and Caution Wear (links to charts). And we’ve recently consolidated non-latex sizes too.

We also supply an ill-fitting solutions chart for those who find condoms tend to be too loose, too tight, too short or too long.i'm so excited

Now onto the condom size chart for major U.S. brands

(Sizes may vary by a few milimmeters but this should not affect fitting. Links to external sites may be affiliate links and could earn us a small commission. We are an independent collective.  This is not a company endorsement)

Trojan Condom Sizes

Look!  We have a more in depth version of Trojan Condom Sizes here!

Trojan is the number one US condom brand. Their website is a visual treat. However, sizing is not as comprehensive as Durex. They classify their condoms in Regular, Large and Extra Large. The shortest and most slender condom they offer is 7.9″/200mm long and 2.0″/52mm base width (which is the standard “regular” size for most condoms).  The longest and widest Trojan size is Trojan Magnum XL, (8.3″/210mm long and 2.3″/58mm base width and a whooping 2.5″/64mm head width).

Below is a list of how each product fits under Trojan’s “Regular”, “Large” and “XL” scale. For more details on each Trojan condom, check out our Trojan Condom Size Chart.


TROJAN® Ultra Thin Spermicidal Lubricant Condoms

Trojan Ultra Thin Spermicidal Lubricated

Contains Nonoxynol-9 Spermicide
Base Width: 2.1″/53mm
Length: 7.6″/196mm

TROJAN® Extended Pleasure™ Condoms with Climax Control Lubricant

Base width: 2.05″/52mm
Length: 7.9″/200mm

TROJAN® Pleasure Pack Lubricated Condoms

Supplies 4 Her Pleasures, 2 Fire & Ice, 4 Twisted Pleasure, and 2 Intense Ribbed


MAGNUM Ecstasy

Wide head that is tampered at the bass for comfort.
Base width: 2.2″/56mm
Head width: 2.5″/64mm
Length: 8.13″/205mm

MAGNUM® Fire & Ice

Warming and tingling dual lubricant sensation.
Base width: 2.2″/56mm
Head width: 2.5″/63.5mm
Length: 8.12″/205mm


Now Thin for bare skin feeling.
Base width: 2.2″/56mm
Head width: 2.5″/63.5mm
Length: 8.12″/205mm

TROJAN BareSkin or Supra (these are their only non-latex condoms and one of their most popular)

Made of Polyurethane
Base width: 2.1”/53mm
Length: 7.9”/200mm

TROJAN® Ultra Thin Lubricated Condoms

Trojan Ultra Thin Lubricated

Base Width: 2.1″/53mm
Length: 7.9/200mm

TROJAN® Ultra Ribbed Spermicidal Lubricant Condoms

Contains Nonoxynol-9
Base Width: 2.13″/54mm
Length: 8.13″/205mm

TROJAN® Ecstasy Ultra Ribbed Lubricated Condoms

Based width: 2.13″/54mm
Length: 8.13″/205mm

TROJAN® ENZ Non-Lubricated™ Condoms

Base width: 2.13″/54mm
Length: 8.13″/205mm

Trojan-ENZ® Spermicidal Lubricant Condoms

Contains Nonoxynol-9
Base width: 2.13″/54mm
Length: 8.13″/ 205mm

Size XL

MAGNUM® XL Lubricated Condoms

Trojan’s widest condom; 30% wider than regular size
Base width: 2.2″/56mm
Head width: 2.7″/68.58mm
Length:  8.3″/210mm


Durex Condom Sizes

See our more in depth DUREX SIZE CHART HERE

Durex used to supply visual diagrams of dimensions but sadly they did away with these!  We’ve grouped condoms accordingly.


According to our research, Durex does not offer condoms less than 2.1″ /52mm wide.


Durex Avanti Bare Real Feel (named “Latex-Free” in Europe)
Durex’s only non-latex condom
Base width: 2.1″/ 52mm
Length: 7.2″ / 183mm

Natural Feeling Lubricated
Easy roll on flare shape
Water-based lubricant
Base width: 2.1″/ 52mm
Length: 7.5″/ 190mm

Durex Natural Feeling Dry
Non-lubricated for those who prefer dry condoms
Base width: 2.1/ 52mm
Length: 7.5″/ 190mm

Durex Extra Sensitive

Base width: 2.13/ 54mm
Length: 7.5″/ 190mm

Sensi Thin (“Featherlite Ultra” in Europe):

Base width: 2.1″/53mm
Length: 7.5″/190mm



Enhanced Pleasure


Base width: 2.16″ /55mm
Length: 8.0” /205mm

Maximum Love

Unique flare shape for easy roll-on
Base width: 2.1”/54mm
Length: 7.8″/ 198mm


Base width: 2.13”/54mm
Length:  7.9”/200mm


Base width: 2.13”/54mm
Length: 7.9”/200mm

Size XL

Durex XXL
Base width: 2.3”/58mm
Length: 8.3”/210.8mm


LifeStyles Condom Sizes (“Mates” in Europe)

Check out our updated LIFESTYLES SIZES HERE


LifeStyles Snugger Fit

Base width: 1.9” / 48mm
Length: 6.7” /170mm

Lifestyles 3SUM

Base width: 1.9”/50mm
Length: 6.7”/170mm


SKYN Original /SKYN Extra Lubricated

Made of polyisoprene
Base width: 2.1”/53mm
Length: 7.5”/190mm


Base width: 2.1″/ 53mm
Length: 7.8″/ 200mm

Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive

Base width: 2.0/ 52mm
Length: 7.5″/ 190mm

Lifestyles Ultra Thin

Base width: 2.1″/ 53mm
Length: 7.5″/ 190mm


Base width: 2.1″/ 53mm
Length: 7.5″/ 190mm


SKYN Large (Polyisoprene)

Base width: 2.2″/ 56mm
Length: 7.9″/ 200mm

Lifestyles Pleasure Shape/Tipped

XL headroom!
Base width: 2.0″/ 52mm
Head width: 2.9″/ 74mm
Length: 7.5″/ 190mm


Base width: 2.2”/56mm
Length: 8.2”/210mm

KYNG Ribbed

Base width: 2.2″/ 56mm
Length: 8.2″/ 210mm

More large sizes available at our LifeStyles Size Chart

For more info on Non-Latex Condoms see our post on Non-Latex Condom Options

The Legal Stuff: Age of consent and medical advice

The size charts are made for you to consult and hopefully find the brand that suits within your size range and needs. If you cannot find the answer to your question, just ask. But please be aware that we do not condone sexual activity of under-age males and females in state or country. Also, we are not medical professionals. We offer opinions from personal experience and research. Professional advice should always be sought.

For a younger audience, start here: Scarleteen, and for all ages Planned Parenthood.

18 thoughts on “Condom Size Chart

  1. Aidan

    So I have a problem. I’m average length but abnormally thick.

    Length: 5″
    Girth: 7″

    By your calculations an appropriately fitted condom width is 3.1″

    But I can’t find anything remotely close. The largest Trojan magnums hurt like hell and cause instant deflation.


    1. Ian Post author

      Hi. Thanks for asking. Have you found a good condom size yet?

      Condoms are designed to stretch to suit your size. Keep in mind that when you view measurements, the condom is being laid flat. This cannot account for how much the material stretches. So it’s not an exact measurement but simply an estimate.

      From your measurements, I think you should try out a range of large condoms sizes, such as Kimono MAXX or Kimono Microthin XL. Lifestyles SKYN Large is made of a non-latex material that is more elastic and soft compared to latex, so may feel more comfortable for you. (The links here go to a site where you can read costumer reviews of large condoms.)

      One easy way to try a range of large condoms in one package is Lucky Blokes’ Ultimate Large Condom Sampler.

      Would love to hear how your discovery goes!

  2. Me

    I am 6.8-7 inches in length when erect. 5.5 inches in girth at the base when erect. 5.8-6 inches midshaft when erect. I also do not have a bigger penis head (not like a mushroom head). What kind of condom brand should I buy? Do I have a “baseball bat” shaped dick? Will this effect my ability in bed?

  3. J


    1. In order to accurately measure penis size, first you must have an erect penis (since penis size when flaccid is not an accurate measurement).

    2. Measure Penis Length with a ruler or measuring tape. Position the ruler or measuring tape at the base of your penis (where it attaches to your body – make sure to press into the pubic bone as far as you can because fat can actually hide the length of your penis).

    3. Measure Penis Girth with a piece of string (or something similar) or a soft measuring tape. Gently wrap the string one time around the thickest part of the shaft/body of your erect penis (yes, it still needs to be erect!).


    Small Condoms
    Fits Length: 3 Inches – 6 Inches
    Fits Girth: 4 Inches – 5 Inches
    Examples: Any condom represented as small or snug.

    Regular Condoms
    Fits Length: 4 Inches – 7 Inches
    Fits Girth: 5 Inches – 6 Inches
    Examples: Any condom that does not specify a size.

    Large Condoms
    Fits Length: 5 Inches – 8 Inches
    Fits Girth: 6 Inches – 7 Inches
    Examples: Any condom represented as large or magnum.

    X-Large Condoms
    Fits Length: 6 Inches – 9 Inches
    Fits Girth: 7 Inches – 8 Inches
    Examples: Any condom represented as extra-large or XL.

    1. Ian Post author

      Matt, I am no expert but from our research the only other major retail brand that is larger than Magnum XL are Durex XXL- approximately 5mm longer. Give these a try. You should also look into custom fit condoms such as TheyFit. They make sizes as long as 240mm.

  4. me

    So, my penis is 7.5 in, and i am wondering, to do it for my first time, i’m wondering what would be the best size and brand for comfort and feeling for both me and her.

    1. Ian Post author

      Hi Me,

      Kudos to you for being responsible and planning. Since this is your first time, I suggest selecting a simple classic straight wall shaped condom that is lubricated. It’s good to start with basics to know what fits you right and is lubricated well for you and her, before trying out textured ribbed and studded varieties. Regular size condoms are typically 2.0” wide at the base (condom laying flat) and 7.5” long. Since you’re longer than “average” size, you should shop for large. But your girth is also important for finding a good fit. Here’s our tips for measuring. I suggest you try large condoms by Lifestyles, Trojan or Durex since these are easy to find at any pharmacy. Some condoms by Durex and Trojan are larger than average, but do not advertise as large, so check out our size charts to verify dimensions: Here’s Durex Size Chart and Trojan Size Chart. If you are quite wide (wider than 5.2 inches girth) try XL condoms. And there’s no shame in practicing and trying out before the real moment comes.

  5. Jamie

    hi i’m 15 my penis is about 7.5 ft in length and 6 ft in circumference . last time me and my girlfriend bought a box of durex condoms and when i tried i couldnt even get it over the tip so we didnt used one and she got freaked out .my pharmacy doesnt have trojan condems and i am confused what size should i buy??

    1. Administrative Team

      Jamie, no wonder she freaked! Sex without a condom is serious and never worth the risks. These mistakes happen, but should be dealt with responsibly- keep it real. We advise you both to get tested. Size XL is not limited to Trojan Magnums. Most brands including Durex, Lifestyles, One Condoms offer a size XL. Be safe.


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