Condom Sizes

Using a condom could be one of the most sensible decisions of your life, saving you from STI’s, disease and unwanted pregnancy. However, without looking at the correct sizes, your efforts could prove useless. The wrong size condom will malfunction.

Well, I guess you know that already and that is why you are here looking for your condom size! So let’s get on with it.


Why do condoms get a bad rap?You need to measure your penis first. Not many condoms companies make their exact measurements available so you need to do some internet research.  Our Condom Size Calculator is a great place to start as it allows you to search over 100 condoms at once. When you know your penis size it makes the shopping process of much faster.

To measure your penis you need the length and girth, and head circumference can also help for some men, but is not always necessary.

  • First of all, your penis needs to be erect.
  • The length should be measured from the point where your penis meets the bottom of your pelvis (the base) to the very end point of the head. You want the condom to be able to reach right to your base where your public bone starts (No need to stretch over and above the pubic hair!)
  • To measure your girth you should get a piece of string or a measuring tape and measure the circumference around the thickest part of your penis along the shaft- usually the mid-point.
  • The same can be done with string or a measuring tape at the thickest part of the head of your penis (if the girth seems significantly different from the shaft).
  • Many condoms simply come in small, medium or large.  It varies from brand to brand, but generally

Small size is 1.60 – 1.9 inches wide at the base (condom laying flat) and 6.7- 7.0 inches long.

Medium size is 2.0- 2.2 inches wide and 7.2 – 7.7 inches long.

Large size is approximately 2.2 – 2.3 inches wide and 7.8 – 8 inches long.

Our general rule of fitting is, if you measure less than 4.8 inches (122mm) in girth, go with a snugger fit.  If you are wider than 5.15 inches (130mm), select Large or XL. See our Table Guide converting penis circumference to condom width.

  • Because condom girth is general reported as the base width- which is measured by the condom laying flat- it can be confusing to translate an exact width that fits your penis girth. As a general guide, we recommend you divide your penis circumference by 2.25.

Why 2.25?

You may be wondering how we got this number.  A study by Gerofi et. al. found that the condom circumference should stretch about 10% to 20% the penis girth (see Condom Sizes and Facts for further details about the analysis). Dividing by 2.25 represents a 12.5% a condom stretch, which is within the recommended ratio. It is an approximation and your preferences may vary, as well as the condom brand’s elasticity. It is important to stay within the ratio.  A common malfunction is the condom slipping off because the condom is too loose. So it is crucial to be aware of how a condom correctly fits.


Now with your measurements you can find the correct range of condoms.

You want a condom to fit snugly but not create uncomfortable pressure. Also it should not be baggy anywhere as looseness could cause slippage and rubbing during intercourse that will break the condom.

There needs to be enough extra room to allow a reservoir tip at the head of the condom that hangs with no air inside.  Consider this the sperm pocket.  There should be enough material so that you can pinch the tip comfortably with your thumb and index finger.

The condom should unroll all the way down to the base close to where your pubic hair starts. Try not to catch hair inside.  It might pull and pinch!

To help you find correct condom sizes we organized sizes charts based on major brands.  Here are our Trojan Condom Size Chart and LifeStyles Condom Size ChartDurex Condom Size Chart, Kimono Size Chart, and Beyond Seven Size Chart.

Alternatively, you can read more about condom sizing here and review our fitting solutions chart which suggests specific condoms that are designed to cater for specific needs and solve discomforts such as too tight, too loose, too short, too long.  You might also want to see our guide to different condom shapes.

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