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Durex LogoAs Durex is the largest condom producer in the world, the Durex website organizes its products based on region and country.  Our size chart is organized by “Snug”, “Medium” and “Large” according to SIZETEXTURE, and MATERIAL (update! Durex no longer offers non-latex condoms).  We offer our own store bought measurements, as well as source from Lucky Bloke and Undercover Condoms.  Read more here about Durex from their best to worst.

Measurement tip:
The average condom length in North America is 7.5″/190.5mm.  Most North American guys are between 5″ – 6.5″ (129.5mm-152.4mm). A recent study in the US nailed average erection down to 5.56 inches and 4.8 inches girth (see our guide for measuring penis).  The average condom is made to fit a 4.8″/122mm girth.  At this girth, one can fit a variety of condoms between 50mm to 55mm base wide (width is measured by the condom lying flat; it is not the circumference). 

Confused about how penis circumference coverts to condom width? We have a helpful table and guide.

Rule of thumb: If you measure less than approximately 4.8 inches (121mm) in girth, go with a snugger fit.  Fit you are greater than 5.15 inches (130mm), select Large or XL. Durex XXL (discontinued) was slightly longer than the Trojan Magnum XL

(Measurements can vary by a few millimeters but this should not effect fitting as condoms are designed to flex.  Links to external sites may be affiliate links and could earn us a small commission)

We’ve launched the Condom Size Calculator. It is more user friendly, offering a comparative search of over 100 condoms all at once.


Durex Enhanced Pleasure
Contoured shape for better fit and enhanced pleasure
Smooth lubricant
Designed for pleasant scent
Base width: 1.92”/49mm
Length: 6.7”/170mm

REGULAR/Non-latex (Polyisoprene)

Durex Avanti Bare Real Feel (“Durex Latex-Free” in Europe)

Recently re-branded. Made of polyisoprene.
Prefect for latex sensitivity or allergies.
Length: 7.2″/ 183mm

(For more options, check out Lucky Bloke’s non-latex sampler for “medium” and “large” non-latex options)


Durex Performax

Special body heat activated climax control lubricant (active ingredient is Benzocaine) to help prolong male sexual performance
Silky lubricant on outside
Base width: 2.1”/54mm
Length: 7.5”/190mm

 Durex Sensi Thin (“Featherlite” in Europe)
Durex’s thinnest latex condom!
Specially made to have pleasure scent
Slightly wider width and longer length than most medium sizes
Base width: 2.1”/5.4mm
Length: 7.9”/200mm

Durex Extra Sensitive
20% thinner than regular latex condoms
Lubricated and slightly wider shaft for sleek fit
Base width: 2.1”/54mm
Length: 7.5”/190mm

Durex Natural Feeling
Ultra smooth water-based lubricant
Transparent color with reservoir tip
Slightly larger than regular size condoms
Base width: 2.1”/53mm
Length: 7.5”/190mm

Durex Natural Feeling Dry 
Non-lubricated for those who want dry condoms
(Ideal to apply your own flavored lube for safe oral sex).
Base width: 2.1″/ 53mm
Length: 7.5″/190mm


Durex PleasureMAX
Ribbed and studded for extra stimulation
Base width: 2.15”/54mm
Length: 7.5/190mm

Durex Extra Sensitive Ribbed (a.k.a. Ultimate Feeling)
20% thinner than regular latex condoms
Now ribbed for amazing stimulation
Snug fitted shaft
Base width: 2.0”/51mm
Length: 7.5”/190mm

LARGE & XXL/Latex 

(Durex does not make non-latex large condoms.  LifeStyles’ SKYN is the most popular large-sized polyisoprene condom)

 Durex Maximum Love
20% thinner than standard latex condoms
Unique easy-on design with extra silk lubricant for natural feel
On the larger end of the regular condom size bracket
Base width: 2.13”/ 54mm
Length: 7.8”/ 198mm

Durex XXL
The largest condom made by Durex!
Classic straight shape and lubricated
Compared to Trojan Magnum XL, Durex XL is wider at the base and longer, but narrower head than Magnums.
Base width: 2.3”/58mm
Length: 8.3”/210.8mm

The Legal Stuff: Age of consent and medical advice
The size charts are made for you to consult and hopefully find the brand that suits within your size range and needs. If you cannot find the answer to your question, just ask. But please be aware that we do not condone sexual activity of under-age males and females in state or country.  Also, we are not medical professionals. We offer opinions from personal experience and research.

For a younger audience, good places to start:  Bish Training and Scarleteen.  For all ages Sexperience channel is highly recommended.

9 thoughts on “DUREX Condom Size Chart

  1. Matt

    My penis size is as follows: length- 165.1mm, circumference- 139.7mm i have not yet lost my virginity and want to know what condom size will be best and easiest to use?

  2. Newbie

    My girth is 14 cm, and my length is about 15 cm. What condom size should i use? Larger sizes will fit my width, but my length is too small for them?

  3. Britney

    My boyfriends length is 152.4 mm, girth is 131.5mm and width is 41.9mm we are confused as to what condoms would fit him best as he hasn’t lost his virginity yet

    1. Ian

      Hi! Thanks for your question. His dimensions are compatible with a medium, standard condom, which is very fortunate as this size range has the most variety of choice. Here is a list of highly recommended standard size condoms. Trying out different products is the only way your going to discover what’s right for both of you, so don’t be afraid to experiment (which can also be a lot of fun)! Consider grabbing a sample pack. Also, your partner may want to try practicing sexual pleasure with a condom on his own first. This will inevitably help him understand what condom is right for him, while also making him feel more familiar and confident using a condom. Have fun!

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  5. mori

    Hi, I am bit confused, can you please recommend a condom for me, my length is 115mm and girth is 112mm, also my shaft is slightly bent down at the head portion say 15mm from the tip bent down, can i use regular 53mm condom, thanks in advance

    1. Ian

      Thanks for your question! You are very close to the average erect girth in North America. So you should be able to fit the width of “regular” size condoms. Have you tried Caution Wear? They tend to be average width, but slightly shorter than other leading brands. The Caution Wear Classic Plan is shaped with more headroom. Check our Caution Wear size chart. Fitting is a matter of suiting your individual shape. Kimono Thin is slightly smaller than average and has an indent below the head which is meant to contour a secure fit. Also, have you tried non-latex options? The elasticity can make a big difference for how the condom fits. Each of our size charts displays non-latex options. The shortest of the non-latex condoms is LifeStyles SKYN. Check out our main fitting solution guide: Fitting Matters for recommendation if you tend to find condoms too long. Let me know if this helps!

    1. Ian


      I would recommend that you first measure yourself then refer to our size charts and guides to find what fits within your range. Check out our tips for how to measure your penis. General rule of thumb with condoms: If you measure less than 5 inches in girth, go with a snugger fit. Fit you are greater than 5.2 inches, select large sizes.


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