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Finding a great condom is best done through trial & error. But that can get expensive. Here, we offer sources to ease those test runs- Free Condom Offer Links. The internet has bred so much competition among condom manufacturers, thus leading to many suppliers offering free condom sample packs in the hope that you will come back for more.

Flavors, sizes, shapes- you might as well try them all, so here is a list of places in North America that we found to get free condoms.

Lucky Bloke:


TheyFit Condoms (UK)
Follow them on twitter @TheyFitCondoms and check out their website for latest offers.

Beyond Seven:
They ask you to fill out a survey first, but it is a totally free sample of a condom in their range. Click here to go to their form.

Relax Condoms
I think these are only available in Canada as they are Licensed by Health Canada. Anyway, they will send you a completely free sample. Click here for more.

NYC Condom
Residents of NYC can get free male and female condoms and lubricants by visiting various establishments in the city or calling 311. Organizations can order online here.

Condom USA
They offer a range of Durex and Japanese condom 10 packs for free, but you have to pay for delivery, unless you order other stuff with them. Delivery is typically around $5, which is still cheaper than buying a 10 pack from the pharmacy. Click here.

Often you can also get free condoms at Planned Parenthood. See their website for more details.

This list is by all means not a full comprehensive list and we will be looking at expanding it whenever we find a new way to get condoms for free.

Please let us know of any free condom programs, or if any of the links above no longer work.

Thanks for reading.

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4 thoughts on “Free condom samples

  1. Jess Tatz

    I just read an article: and thought to myself… how wonderful it would be for a “sample size” box from small to your larger sizes. This way, the male user can decide which size he should be buying, what’s most comfortable.

    Your charts don’t work for the general public’s use- people wonder where on the base they should start measuring… or they don’t measure. Sad, but good idea anyway.

    1. admin Post author

      Hey Jess, I agree a sample box of sizes would be an awesome idea.

      I simply list the sizes listed by the manufacturer… they are not useless but you have alerted me to the fact that i need to add details of how to measure your size.


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