Kimono Condom Size Chart

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Kimono condoms tend to have a reputation for being tighter than the average condom on the US market. We’ve structured our size chart based on sources such as Kimono’s website, Undercover Condoms and Lucky Bloke. But first a brief profile of the Kimono brand:

Kimono Condoms

Kimono condom company separates itself from other condoms as being akin to the silky light robe made from exceptional skill.  Hitting the market in 1987, they are the pioneers of super thin condoms, producing latex that is 20% thinner than standard condoms.  Kimono indicates on its website that it is vegan-friendly, which means that they are not made with milk powder or casein – a milk protein – of which most latex condoms contain.  Kimono are also the first condom brand to stop using nonoxynol-9 spermicide.

Kimono Condom Size Chart

Our size chart is organized by sizes and texture.  While Kimono does not offer “small”, they do make a snug shaped condom that is the same length and width of a “regular”, but with an indented shape for a tighter fit below the head.  Our dimensions are verified by Undercover Condoms, Lucky Bloke and the Kimono website.  Length is an approximate measurement of maximum roll from the head reservoir tip to base.  Base width is measured by the condom lying flat; it is not the circumference.

Quick Tip! To know what condom width fits, divide penis circumference by 2.25. Read how we got this formula.

View our latest Condom Size Calculator to compare Kimono against other leading brands.

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Kimono Original
Features a slight indent below the head which conforms to one’s unique shape for a secure and close fit. A shape concept that is similar to a C-Ring.
Base width:  2.0″/52mm
Length: 7.48″/190mm

Kimono MicroThin
The thinnest condom on the US market
Precise straight-sided body for effortless donning
Base width:  2.0″/52mm
Length: 7.48″/190mm

Kimono MicroThin Plus Aqua Lube
Feature a special, water-based lubricant – Aqua Lube
Aqua Lube is pH balanced, providing a silky sensual feeling
Base width:  2.0″/52mm
Length: 7.48″/190mm

Kimono Ultra Textured (formally known as Kimono Type-E)
The thinnest ribbed  condom on the US market
Contains dozens of ribs and sensi-dot to increase friction
Base width:  2.0″/52mm
Length: 7.48″/190mm


Kimono MicroThin Large
This is the thinnest of the larger condom options!
A fitting base that is so secure it will allow for most men no matter what size to use this condom.
Base width: 2.34″/ 59mm
Length: 7.68″/195mm

Kimono MAXX
Large head room (4.68″/52mm head width) and extended length
Base width: 2.35″/ 59mm
Length: 7.68″/ 195mm

The Legal Stuff: Age of consent and medical advice

The size charts are made for you to consult and hopefully find the brand that suits within your size range and needs.  If you cannot find the answer to your question, just ask.  Please be aware that we do not condone sexual activity of under-age males and females in state or country.  Also, we are not medical professionals.  Professional advice should always be sought.

For a younger audience, here is one place to start:  SEX etc.  and  for all ages Planned Parenthood is highly recommended.

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