Ansell Lifestyles, Ultra Thin

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Image source from

Note: We bought these in New Zealand, but in North America they have blue colored packaging.

This is a great condom.  Generally, I find Lifestyles tend to be a bit tight around the ring and difficult to roll down to the base.  But the Micro-Thin fits like a (G)love!  It unrolls ease every time with just the right amount of stretch so there is not a lot of time spent making sure it’s on correctly.  And no complaints in the sensitivity dept.  I give the condom a 4 out of 5.  The only reason it doesn’t hit top spot is because it has that slight latex scent that I dislike, which makes my want to try the polyisoprene version.

Laying flat, it’s measurements are

Length: 7.6in/193mm
Base width: 2.0in/50.8mm (this condom has the same width from the ring up until the reservoir tip).

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