Pope approves use of condoms

Pope approves use of condoms This week Pope Benedict approved the use of condoms.

The news comes from a book that will be published by the Vatican in the coming week and has a face to face interview (the first) with the current Pope. He talks about a few interesting things but particularly the stance on condoms is something that many liberal Catholics have been pushing for for years.

The view that contraception of any kind to stop the creation of life however is still held but the relaxation towards the use of condoms has come for the reason of using a condom in the case of fighting HIV. He said that in some cases it is now acceptable and some believe this is to help try and spread responsible condom use throughout Africa where HIV is possibly at it’s highest although he made it clear that abstinence is the best policy.

Pope approves use of condoms, what we think?

Obviously the fact that the Vatican still disapproves of condoms at all in this modern world astounds us but of course any relaxation is welcomed and maybe this is signalling a general change in the right direction. Many liberal Catholics already openly use birth control for controlling birth and hopefully the movement will lead the Catholic church to eventually adjust it’s whole ideology regarding these matters.

I personally feel that too many children are born in the world as it is and if the condom can really help stop just a few more orphans from growing up in terrible unloved surroundings then how can it be responsible to condemn the condom. The Catholic church has effectively told people to stop having sex to slow spread of disease and unwanted child births but people obviously are not listening in areas where it is most needed so they have to change their stance eventually.

I would love to know what your thoughts on this story are?

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