Spray-On Condom

A new solution for the infamous condom-shape-and-size question:  The Spay On Condom.

Spray-On Condom model
Image from Inventorspot.com

The Spray On Condom was inspired by spray-on plaster technology used in medicine.  This is how it works:  The penis is inserted into a cylinder chamber.  Then one pushes a button and a pump squirts liquid latex from all sides onto the penis in about 10 seconds (although the companies involved, Condom Consultancy with Vinicoand Qualo Design, have claimed that they can reduce the time to 5 seconds).  The rubber dries instantly once sprayed on and can be removed just like a regular condom.
Now, “Spray On” does not necessarily mean that the absence of a wrapper will solve the mood-breaker problem some people experience.  There is a machine involved.  And according to InventorSpot, it hisses.  Instead, the theoretical advantage is that the latex will form to one’s unique shape and size, as opposed to typical condoms which are tailored to a public average of 5.7in length, 4.7in penis circumference.
The Spray-On Condom is still going through human trails.  Reseachers remain to have problems with the latex spraying on evenly.

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