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Condoms: Can’t live with ’em; Can’t live without ’em

My relationship with condoms is conflicted. I don’t completely trust any condoms. And yet, I have to use them because they are my only option as a heterosexual male. First I’ll explain why I use condoms. The I’ll explain why my dislike for them always lingers: Can’t live with ’em; can’t live without them.

tight ropeI use condoms for three reasons: 1) I don’t want to contract an infection or disease. 2) I don’t want children without being prepared and 3) I do not like how hormonal birth control changes a woman’s body, her emotional and natural cycles. Why I dislike condoms is because, for me, they often don’t feel good and they do not always work.

My reaction the time a condom last broke on me was pretty interesting.

I was using a new condom that my friend suggested we try. It was Kimono Mirco Thin Large. The condom fit a little tight at the base, but drop a bit of lube on and how it feels during sex is great. It was so thin and sensitive, I honestly don’t remember feeling the condom ever breaking.

I remember confiding in my partner the worry that condoms are not always guaranteed to work. Of course, she protested my comment. I don’t blame her. Condoms are the best option and just because there is the chance that they might break is still a stronger safety net than not using anything at all. Coincidentally, that same day we went through this experience.

When we were finished, I pulled out and saw my naked penis pierced through the top of the condom. My initial reaction was, “Oh Shit! The condom broke.”

Shock and worry flashed through me. But I knew everything would be fine because Plan B could be bought over the counter. Honestly, I think my partner was more distraught than I was. However, I didn’t make anything easier because I started to make jokes about how I just told her I didn’t completely trust condoms.

It killed the mood. However, it raised my awareness about how important it is to experiment with different condoms and research different condom sizes and fits. I now know my trust in Kimono condoms has expired. And I have yet to find a condom that fits me perfectly.

Condom breakage is so dangerous. What if I didn’t have money for Plan B (a generic brand costs about $40), or what if I contracted an infection? It’s so frustrating that even when being safe and responsible, there is always a level of risk.

What I’ve learned from this experience is that I should take the time to get to know my partner to the point of feeling comfortable talking about STI history as well as what we do in the event of safe sex malfunction. I really need to do more research on condoms that fit me correctly and don’t cause irritation.

Any suggestions would be most welcomed! So while I continue to struggle with condoms I can’t give up on them. Abstinence is the ultimatum I’m not willing to succumb to.

Monologues are independent stories and the opinions shared are the author’s own.


Limp On Condoms

A one night stand of fun, no-strings-attached sex was exactly what I needed. Undesired, however, was a man who went limp at the sight of condoms.

condom_cmWe quickly hooked up. Hot, passionate kissing that evolved into a scene of heavy lust. Before we gravitated to the bedroom I asked him if he had condoms on him as I was unprepared- guilty as charged. Pleased that he did, we confidently carried on without inhibition.

He was over 40 years old. To me that signaled “experienced”. Plus being an amazing kisser, I was so excited to share me body with him.

He handed me a Lifestyles KYNG. Up pops the first warning sign. I thought to myself, “This guy doesn’t need a large size condom.” He was perfectly average. But this wasn’t the right time to bust his misplaced ego. However, the wrong fit could put us at risk of malfunction, so I planned that if the condom seemed too loose I’d simply ask if he had a different stock of rubbers.

But a greater malfunction occurred.

I peeled open the condom. As I rolled it on him, his shaft instantaneously went soft, softer. Limp. “Urgh, I hate condoms!” He exhaled. “I never had to use them in my last relationship. I’m not use to them.”

Guess this 40 year old wasn’t as experienced as I imagined.

My story isn’t rare. I’ve encountered different versions by my friends and peers that, even in clear non-monogamous scenarios, men will complain that condoms dull sex- as if sex is not worth it if it involves a condom! This puts the other person in an incredibly confusing situation. It’s an act of disrespect for the person’s well-being to complain and try to adverse protective sex.

Speaking from my own experience, I felt it was implied that the problem was that I wanted to use protection. This guy wasn’t just complaining. There was a real physical disdain against the condom. An initial wave of pity ran through me- how embarrassed he must feel for this involuntary action- followed by a flash of insecurity in myself.

Feelings of doubt were brief. Doubts in my own sexual worth and worry that this man is now going to feel we can’t have great sex because I insist on condoms. I consciously had to fight these powerless thoughts and remind myself that condoms to me equal hot, worry free sex. It’s hot because it’s a gesture of taking care of each other and of being socially responsible. Intelligence is sexy.

Besides, a man who doesn’t like condoms and obviously doesn’t know how a condom should fit, is another warning sign that he likely has had unprotected sex before and likely has an STI.

My response: I told him that we can keep trying. And we did, manually. Two condoms later, no improvement in his stamina. So, penetration was out, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying each other in different ways. He was respectful in that way.

Our relationship is left with my offer to help him find the right condom that’s perfect for him. This of course means plenty of trial and exploration ahead. So this may become a tale of a condom hater converted to condom lover. We shall see.

Monologues are independent stories and the opinions shared are the author’s own.


3 Tips for Decoding Condom Size

A guide to understanding how to convert penis size for best condom width.

Knowing condom size is one thing.  Knowing what size best fits is another. Condom shopping is a daunting task no thanks to marketing gimmicks. Even looking past the clutter of overused adjectives like “thinnest” and “most sensitive”, you still need to decode the actual size dimensions (if they are labeled at all!).

Companies typically report the condom width only.  This is determined by laying the condom flat, so it does not match penis circumference.  So how are you sure that this one-dimensional measure will match your three-dimensional penis?

It’s not like you can take a box of condoms to the changing room and try one on before you buy.

One blogger has taken on this condom conundrum by collecting numerous studies. “Alex”, the creator of Condom Sizes & Facts, is not an expert, but he has organized findings from various scientific surveys to allow readers come to their own conclusions about condom sizing. We got the opportunity to ask Alex about some of his personal conclusions.

He breaks down three things you need the know about average penis size surveys before you start believing that you are abnormal, and he gives pointers to keep in mind when condom shopping.  Also, he fine tunes the magic number 2.25 from our formula:

Penis girth / 2.25 = approx condom width

We begin with republishing this data from his blog. The table matches penis to condom size. From this data, you may understand why an “average” size man may fit a magnum condom. These numbers are approximate guides from the research on Alex’s blog. Fitting may vary depending on condom elasticity and personal preference. Affiliate links within. 

Penis Girth to Condom Width Chart

Penis GirthCondom WidthPenis GirthCondom Widthe.g. Major Brand Condoms
3.70 - 4.131.8594 - 10547-
4.14 - 4.331.85 - 1.97106 - 11047 - 49LifeStyles Snugger Fit, Caution Wear Iron Grip, Durex Enhanced Pleasure
4.34 - 4.531.93 - 1.97111 - 11549 - 51Glyde Slim Fit, LifeStyles 3SUM, RFSU Mamba, Beyond Seven
4.54 - 4.721.97 - 2.09115 - 12050 - 53LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive, Kimono MicroThin, Beyond Seven Studded
4.73 - 4.922.05 - 2.17121 - 12552 - 55LifeStyles SKYN, Trojan BareSkin, Durex Love
4.93 - 5.122.13 - 2.24126 - 13054 - 57Trojan Magnum, LifeStyles KYNG, LifeStyles SKYN Large, RFSU Grande
5.13 - 5.312.20 - 2.36130 - 13557 - 60Glyde Maxi, ONE The Legend, Magnum XL
5.52 - 5.912.36 - 2.52141 - 15060 - 64
> 5.912.72>15069Trojan Naturalamb, FC2 internal condom

View the original table which also explains the research behind these figures. To view more condom size, check out our condom size calculator.

Condom Monologues: First of all, how would you like to be credited?

Alex from Condom Sizes and Facts: That’s a perfect first question. I don’t want to be credited because I am not an expert. Data I have collected are public and I did not produce them. I barely used them to make my opinion and decided to share it.

CM: In your investigation into penis size, you explain that very few studies sponsored by condom companies actually produce sound scientific data. In fact, average penis size may be smaller and more varied than companies have previously reported. Please cite which penis size survey(s) you trust the most and why?

CSF: First I would like to be perfectly clear: penis size is not interesting “per se”, especially length, which is what most people mean when talking about size. You have 3 kinds of studies:

1) self-reported measurements: men report their penile dimensions. The averages are typically 15.6–16.6 cm for length and 12.2–13.6 cm for girth.

Examples: Kinsey study, Internet survey by Richard Edwards, Durex survey.
These studies are of poor interest and rather have readers feel inadequate due to the somewhat high over-estimates.

2) pharmacological measurements: measurements are conducted by researchers , either directly or by men after a proper training. The averages are typically 12.9–14.5 cm for length and 11.9–12.3 cm for girth.

They are of great value, but one needs to get the whole article to judge the quality: some have been performed on men with erectile dysfunctions, some use a very small sample, where representation is heavily questioned, methods of measurements often vary (base, mid-points, under the glans, “bone pressed” or not), or the measurement itself is different (width, circumference, and mode of erection).

The Wessells and the Schneider studies are very good examples.

3) The last kind is a hybrid between a) and b). These are the self-reported studies where:
the sample has been carefully selected (or big enough to cancel the possible bias),
a harmonized measurement method is clearly explained to ensure standard practices and avoid inconsistencies, men are motivated to measure their penis carefully and to report accurate data.

The averages are typically 13–14.2cm for length and 12–12.2 cm for girth.

The Herbernick and TheyFit studies are good examples. Their values reside in the huge samples from which they get the data.

There is no survey I trust the most. Rather, it is the consistency through the various serious surveys which should be trusted.

CM: In order to determine proper condom width, would you recommend dividing penis circumference by 2.25? How do you arrive at this approximation? And what do people need to consider about elasticity?

CSF: Actually, researchers (Gerofi for example) have come to the conclusion that a condom should be stretched about 10 to 20%. This, translated in ratio between penis circumference and condom width gives a 2.2 (10%) to 2.4 (20%) division factor.

2.25 represent a 12.5% condom stretch. And to be perfectly honest, it is only my personal taste, with my preferred condom brand. I really don’t like condoms fitting too snugly, but I do want a minimum grip to ensure safety.

The above values are calculated from an average elasticity, one has to know that it is the consequence of 1) condom thickness and 2) latex recipe.

You may not know these parameters when buying a condom. But be sure they do vary a lot between brands and condom types because companies use different ingredients. For example: TheyFit recommends a 2.37 dividing factor for its condoms.

The most important thing to understand is that you can use these figures as a guidance, but be sure to do your own research and trials. Real experience should always be the deciding factor.

CM: What is the most surprising thing you’ve come across in your penis-condom size research?

CSF: Two things: Condom latex recipes change drastically and thus vary condom elasticity.

Second, like many men, I discovered late that the fitting problems I was experiencing were not “normal” (not just something I had to put up with) nor a consequence of an inadequate technique. I was truly surprised the first time I changed my condom size and discovered what a good fit could mean: no more anxiety, all gone in one breath!

Have comments? Questions? Still not sure what condoms will fit? Leave a note below or message us on FB or Twitter.

We Now Have a Condom Calculator!

That’s right. The overcrowded matrix of condom dimesions has been hacked and neatly reorganized by our techy team. Located in the top menu of our Home page under “Condom “Sizes”. This nifty tool allows you to custom search size, material, flavors, brands, etc., across 100 hundred condoms all in one place.  It’s an upgrade from our archaic condom size charts in which you need to scrool lists and lists of products. The calculator does the searching for you and helps you pinpoint your preferences. Give it and try and let us know what you think! Updates and improvements are never ending. Go to the Condom Size Calculator.  CMRuler-803px-withtext


LIFESTYLES Condom Size Chart

The dimensions in this chart are from our own store bought measurements, as well as from Lucky Bloke and Undercover Condoms.  To read more about Lifestyles company (also known as “Mates” in Europe, check out their profile summary.

If you don’t feel like scrolling through lists, try our new search tool, the Condom Calculator.

Measurement Tip:

The average condom length is 7.5″/190.5mm.  Girth is important (see our guide for measuring penis).  The average condom base width is between 50.8mm – 53mm (width is measured by the condom lying flat; it is not the circumference). To understand if your girth fits condom width simply divide your penis circumference by 2.25 (How did we get this number?  Read here).

Preferences will vary, but our general rule is if you measure less than 4.8 inches (approx 121mm) in girth, go with a snugger fit.  Fit you are wider than 5.15 inches (130mm), select XL or KYGN.  Trojans and Durex XL sizes tend to be slightly larger than Lifestyles.

(Sizes may vary by a few millimeters. Links to external sites may be affiliate links and could earn us a small commission)

Snug Fit/ LATEX

Lifestyles Snugger Fit

Slightly smaller width and length than regular sizes
Unique shape hugs better around shaft
Specially lubricated for natural feeling
Snugger fit is the smallest condom available on the market, along with Caution Wear Iron Grip condoms.
Base width: 1.9”/ 48mm
Length: 6.7”/170mm

Lifestyles 3SUM

Extra ribbed, ultra studded, uniquely shaped!
Wide shaft, contoured at head for his pleasure
Lubricated for maximum pleasure and glide
Base width: 1.9”/ 50mm
Length: 6.7”/170mm

Regular/NON-LATEX (Polyisoprene)

SKYN Original

Strong as latex but with softer more flexible material, making them extremely comfortable for skin-to-skin feel.
Ideal for people with latex allergy or sensitivity
Base width: 2.08”/53mm
Length: 7.5”/190mm

SKYN Extra Lubricated

Same advantages of non-latex with long-lasting UltraSilkyTM Lubrication for smooth skin-to-skin experience.
Reservoir tip for extra safety and comfort
Base width: 2.1”/53mm
Length: 7.5”/190mm


Lifestyles THYN

Lifestyles’ thinnest condom with most popular contoured shape that widens up the shaft for comfort.
21% thinner than standard Lifestyles latex condom.
Natural, clear color
Low latex scent
Base width: 2.1”/53mm
Length: 7.8”/198mm

Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive

The original thin condom, thinner than their Ultra Thin condom!
Top rated by Undercover Condoms, Condom Depot, Live Strong and 2009 Consumer Report ShopSmart Magazine.
Base width: 2.0”/52mm
Length: 7.5”/190mm

Lifestyles Ultra Thin

Micro-thin technology with unique easy to roll on shape. Check out our personal review on this one.
Base width: 2.1″/53mm
Length: 7.6″/193mm

Ultra Sensitive with Spermicide

Lubricated with spermicide to decrease risk of pregnancy
Spermicide is not for more-than-once-a-day vaginal or rectal use
Base width: 2.1”/53mm
Length: 7.5”/190mm

STYLES Sensitive Collection

Contains THYN- SKYN- and Ultra Sensitive

 Lifestyles Ultra Lube PLUS

Lubricated inside and out with UltraGlide Lubricant TM
Base width: 2.1”/53mm
Length: 7.5”/190mm

Lifestyles Pleasure Shape Condom

Exclusive large tip for more head room
Stimulates most sensitive areas for both partners
Base width: 2.08”/52mm
Length: 7.5”/190mm

LifeStyles Turbo

Made with dual action ExciteGel lubricant
Warming and tingling inside and outside for both partners
Base width: 2.1″/ 53mm
Length: 7.5″/ 190mm



Ultra studded condom with over 100 raised rubber studs
Long-lasting UltraGlide Lubricant TM extends pleasure
Classis straight shape
Base width: 2.08”/53mm
Length: 7.6”/190mm

Lifestyles WYLD

Outer ribbed texture made from premium latex
Larger head shape
Long-lasting UltraGlide lubricant TM
Base width: 2.08”/53mm
Length: 7.5”/190mm

Lifestyles Pleasure Ribbed Condom

Ribbed for ultimate stimulation
Specially lubricated
Low latex scent
Base width: 2.1”/53mm
Length: 7.5”/190mm

Lifestyles Fun Bumps

Recently made it on the top ten condom list on Queerty Mag
Intense blue flavor and light mint flavor
Base width: 2.2″/56mm
Length: 7.8″/200mm

LARGE/ non-latex (polyisoprene)

SKYN Large

First ever large-sized polyisoprene condom!
Strong as latex but with softer more flexible material, making them extremely comfortable for skin-to-skin feel.
Ideal for people with latex allergy or sensitivity
Base width: 2.2”/56mm
Length: 7.8”/200mm

LARGE /Latex

Lifestyles KYNG

Wider and longer than regular Lifestyles condoms
Base width: 2.2”/56mm
Length: 7.8”/200mm
Head width: 2.2″

LifeStyles KYNG Blue Box

Large condom with a tapered fit for secure fit.
Base width: 2.2″/ 56mm
Length: 7.8″/ 200mm

STYLES Premium Large Collection

Features an assortment of KYNG Gold –  KYNG Smooth – and KYNG Ribbed.
Base width: 2.2”/56mm
Length: 7.8”/200mm


The Legal Stuff: Age of consent and medical advice

The size charts are made for you to consult and hopefully find the brand that suits within your size range and needs.  If you cannot find the answer to your question, just ask.  But please be aware that we do not condone sexual activity of under-age males and females in state or country.  Also, we are not medical professionals.  We offer opinions from personal experience and research.  Professional advice should always be sought.

Sexual health resources we recommend for young people include Scarleteen and Bish Training. For all ages Planned Parenthood and Sexperience channel are highly recommended.


ONE Condom Size Chart

Image sourced from OneCondoms.com

Image sourced from OneCondoms.com

ONE Condoms have a few perks that make them stick out from the rest.  First, when it comes to looks, they think outside the square with round packaging and trendy designs that consumers both illustrate and vote for on ONEcondoms.com. Thumbs up for effort to get people interactive with safer sex.  Second, is charity.  Winning designs become part of their world-wide packaging and a donation of 5000 condoms are made to a non-profit organization of the winner’s choice.

Fun is a big part of this condom- they feature hundreds of colors and shapes and textures.  In general, however, they only offer two sizes:

Regular (Base width: 2.1”/53mm.  Length: 7.5”/190mm)
and Large (Base width: 2.2”/56mm. Length: 7.8”/200mm).

For a comparative search of condoms (without the long lists) try out Condom Calculator!

But keep in mind that size is not everything.  Shape is important too.  ONE Condoms feature some unique shapes to solve fitting ills.  For example, if you are experiencing tight constriction around the head, but the length and shaft are fine, try the dome shape or pleasure pouch or flare shape.  See more details below.  And check out our Fitting Solutions Guide for more options.  The best thing to do is experiment and try new styles.

ONE does not make non-latex condoms.  Lifestyles SKYN Large is the only XL non-latex condom sold at US stores.  There currently are no non-latex snug fits on the market, so it is a matter of trying different shapes and designs.  Both Durex and Lifestyles have a better variety of non-latex condoms.

This is not a company endorsement!  We are independent but some links are affiliate links that earn us a small commission.


ONE Classic Select Designer

This ONE stands out from the rest as the most normal, straight walled condom compared to ONE’s trendy reputation.
Base width: 2.0”/52.89mm
Length: 7.5”/190mm

ONE Super Sensitive

Offers same length as regular condoms but extra smooth.
Advertised as 50% more lubricant (perhaps this is an upgrade from 2008 when a member of CM reviewed it).
Base width: 2.1”/53mm
Length: 7.5”/190mm

ONE Tantric Pleasure

Decorated with oriental-design ribbing, this is one for the most intricate looking jonnies.
Flared shape gives more head-room and a secure fit at the shaft.
Base width: 2.1”/53mm
Length: 7.5”/190mm

ONE Pleasure Plus

Uniquely shaped- some diagrams make it look a bit like a boat rudder; the roomy pouch at the head features fine ribs to stimulate both partners.
Base width: 2.1”/53mm
Length: 7.5”/190mm

ONE Pleasure Dome

Extra-bulbous head room.
Because of it’s unique shape, it is slightly misleading to categorize this condom as “regular” size.  Suitable for men who experience constriction around the head and find regular condoms to narrow.
Base width: 2.1”/53mm
Length: 7.5”/190mm

ONE 576 Sensation

There are 576 raised latex studs all over this condom.
Base width: 2.1”/53mm
Length: 7.5”/190mm

ONE Glowing Pleasureglow in the dark condom

Make sexy fun!  FDA approved non toxic glow-in-the-dark condoms.  Expose to light for 30 seconds and glows for up to 30 minutes.
Fun fact: ONE Condoms owner, Global Protection Corp., is the first to make glow in the dark condoms.
Base width: 2.1”/53mm
Length: 7.5”/190mm

ONE Mixed Pleasure

Get a mixed bag of 9 different choices from ONE’s pleasure line, including Super Sensitive, 576 Sensation, ZERO, Pleasure Plus, Pleasure Dome, Flavor Waves, Glowing Pleasure, Color Sensations, and The Legend.
All regular size, except The Legend.


ONE The Legend

Wider at head and base, and longer than regular condoms.
Base width: 2.2”/56mm
Length: 7.8”/200mm
Note: Same size as Lifestyle’s non-latex SKYN Large.  If you need larger, check out Durex and Trojan.

ONE Zero Ultra Thin

25% thinner than standard condoms
Flare shape at the top
Base width: 2.2”/56mm
Length: 7.5”/190mm

This is the latest edition of our condom size chart with the latest ONE condom products.  During our research we noticed that some condom retail sites give conflicting measurements for the same condom.  So, we gathered our information from the companies themselves and verified sizes with retailers including Undercover Condoms and Condom Jungle.  If you come across a falsely measured product, let us know!

Our size charts constantly updated, so please join our FacebookTwitter or RSS feed to keep informed.

Condom Size Chart has been Updated

iStock_000008877505XSmallCondom Monologues is thrilled to announce that our Condom Size Chart is up-to-date!  This is our most popular post so we think it crucial to keep it spick and span.  It includes objective measurements researched by CM’s staff of all the latest condom products from North America’s top three brands: Trojan, Durex and LifeStyles. And we provide links to other works at CM depending on how in-depth you want to know your condom before using.

This is not a company endorsement.  We do not cater support for one condom company over another.  Instead we offer this as a map to help guide through the frustrating aisle of condoms where each product self-proclaims to be the “Thinnest”, “Most Sensitive”, “Ultra Pleasure” out there. We hope this size chart continues to help find suitable condoms and experience new pleasures.

Check out the latest version of Condom Size Chart here!


What Condom Size Am I?

The reason so many guys ask, What Condom Size Am I? is because condom sizing and how to measure ourselves is not very clear.  There is no such thing as one-size fits every individual or couple.

And yet using the right condom is essential.  The wrong size increases the risk of breakage, slippage and discomfort.  Experimenting and finding the correct condom is the difference between those who enjoy sex with condoms and those who hate them and use them inconsistently, putting themselves and others at risk of STIs and unwanted pregnancy.

Published with permission from thebadchemicals.com

Published with permission from thebadchemicals.com

What Condom Size Am I?

The first thing you need to do is measure the size of your penis. This isn’t hard (but your penis must be to get correct measurements!).  There are three main measurements you need to take. First, from the base of your penis which is the part where the condom would stop rolling (no need to put the condom over your testicles!) and measure up to the tip of your penis….This is your length.

Then measure the girth of your penis at the mid-point of the shaft. You can wrap a tape measure around the shaft or you can use a string and then measure the string with a ruler.

Most condom widths are measured by the condom laying flat (it is not the circumference). Condoms are designed to fit securely while forming the body shape. The base width should be less than half the girth of your penis size by about half an inch (13mm). Therefore to know if your girth will fit a condom width simply divide your penis circumference by 2.25 (In this post we explain how we got this formula).

(Most links are internal links to our site.  External links to condoms may be affiliate links that earn us a small commission. This is not a company endorsement). 

What Sizes Exist?

Now you have the measurements you can go over to our Condom Size Calculator. There you will find measurements for each condom brand and be able to find your size and compare what exactly “Snug” “Regular” and “Large” mean.  We also offer updated size charts based on the top sold brands: Trojan Condom, Lifestyles, Durex, KimonoONE Condoms and Caution Wear. More brands to come!ruler

The average condom length in North America…

is 7.5″/190.5mm.  Since a vast portion of men are between 5.1″ – 6.5″, most do not need to be concern with length.  If length is your concern, check out our condom fitting solutions chart for recommendations to specific needs.

Girth or “thickness” is crucial.  The average condom is made to fit a 4.8″- 5.2″ erect circumference.  In condom terms, that equals approximately 2.0″/50.8mm-2.2″/55.8mm base wide (remember, width is measured by the condom lying flat).

General, rule of thumb: If you measure less than 4.8 inches girth, go with a snugger fit.  Fit you are greater than 5.2 inches, select large condoms, such as SKYN Large, Durex XXL, and Magnums.

Shape Matters

However, this does not solve all problems.  What if you are skinny and long, short and wide?  You will also need to think about shape and material (latex, polyisoprene, etc.), especially if you find you’re in between sizes.

A common complaint is that condoms are too tight around the head.  So, many condoms companies have now designed condoms with oversized head room, including flair shape design and extra bulbous head.  Here are the top North American brands:

LifeStyles Pleasure Shape (Bulbous head)
LifeStyles WYLD (Bulbous head)
LifeStyles THYN (Flare shape)
Trojan Her Pleasure (Flare shape)
Trojan Pleasures Ecstasy Fire and Ice (Flare shape)
Trojan Stimulations Ecstasy (Tapered flare)
Trojan Magnum (Tapered at the base, flare at head)
ONE Condom Pleasure Plus (Roomy pouch at the head)
ONE Condom Tantric Pleasures (Wider base/head, tapered along the shaft)
ONE Condom Pleasure Dome (oversized head, regular base width)
Durex PleasureMAX (wider base and head)
Kimono Maxx (Wider head)

Remember, you can find exact measurements for each condom on their respective size charts or on our condom size calculator.

There are also condoms which are longer than average, but regular or smaller width.

Trojan Supra
Trojan ThinTensity (slightly longer and wider; not as big as Magnums).
Durex Sensi Thin (longer and slightly narrow than regulars).

Or how about wider shaft, but close fitting head:

Lifestyles 3SUM

Elasticity.  Latex or Poly or the other Poly?

There are two new non-latex options available now.  Polyurethane was first introduced by Durex in the 1990s.  This material is less elastic than latex and polyisoprene, and is slightly thinner.  So it can be ideal for those who prefer less skin-tight condoms that clings to every contour of his tool, and instead prefer a bit of give in the condom.

The most popular polyurethane condom in North America is Trojan Supra.

Polyisoprene is the latest non-latex material for male condoms, introduced by Lifestyles in 2008.  This material is more soft, elastic and form-fitting than both polyurethane and latex.  This material is ideal because it can stretch more comfortably over shapely parts of the penis.  So this may be a better option if you are in between sizes then the uniquely shaped condoms.  Polyisoprene is available in North America by Durex Avanti Bare and Lifestyles SKYN.

Practice Makes Perfect!

The best thing to do is keep experimenting to find the best condoms for you (and your partners).

Just make sure you don’t engage in oral or penetrative sex if a condom does not fit! So, firstly, answer the question “What Condom Size Am I?” for yourself and then check against the size charts and get a hold of your best fit.

Let us know if you have any questions at all and we will always do our best to fully answer them. Don’t be embarrassed.  Use a fake name if you really need to. We will never judge you for your questions.

Thanks for reading and we hope this article helped.

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Kimono Condom Size Chart

Image from undercovercondoms.com

Kimono condoms tend to have a reputation for being tighter than the average condom on the US market. We’ve structured our size chart based on sources such as Kimono’s website, Undercover Condoms and Lucky Bloke. But first a brief profile of the Kimono brand:

Kimono Condoms

Kimono condom company separates itself from other condoms as being akin to the silky light robe made from exceptional skill.  Hitting the market in 1987, they are the pioneers of super thin condoms, producing latex that is 20% thinner than standard condoms.  Kimono indicates on its website that it is vegan-friendly, which means that they are not made with milk powder or casein – a milk protein – of which most latex condoms contain.  Kimono are also the first condom brand to stop using nonoxynol-9 spermicide.

Kimono Condom Size Chart

Our size chart is organized by sizes and texture.  While Kimono does not offer “small”, they do make a snug shaped condom that is the same length and width of a “regular”, but with an indented shape for a tighter fit below the head.  Our dimensions are verified by Undercover Condoms, Lucky Bloke and the Kimono website.  Length is an approximate measurement of maximum roll from the head reservoir tip to base.  Base width is measured by the condom lying flat; it is not the circumference.

Quick Tip! To know what condom width fits, divide penis circumference by 2.25. Read how we got this formula.

View our latest Condom Size Calculator to compare Kimono against other leading brands.

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Kimono Original
Features a slight indent below the head which conforms to one’s unique shape for a secure and close fit. A shape concept that is similar to a C-Ring.
Base width:  2.0″/52mm
Length: 7.48″/190mm

Kimono MicroThin
The thinnest condom on the US market
Precise straight-sided body for effortless donning
Base width:  2.0″/52mm
Length: 7.48″/190mm

Kimono MicroThin Plus Aqua Lube
Feature a special, water-based lubricant – Aqua Lube
Aqua Lube is pH balanced, providing a silky sensual feeling
Base width:  2.0″/52mm
Length: 7.48″/190mm

Kimono Ultra Textured (formally known as Kimono Type-E)
The thinnest ribbed  condom on the US market
Contains dozens of ribs and sensi-dot to increase friction
Base width:  2.0″/52mm
Length: 7.48″/190mm


Kimono MicroThin Large
This is the thinnest of the larger condom options!
A fitting base that is so secure it will allow for most men no matter what size to use this condom.
Base width: 2.34″/ 59mm
Length: 7.68″/195mm

Kimono MAXX
Large head room (4.68″/52mm head width) and extended length
Base width: 2.35″/ 59mm
Length: 7.68″/ 195mm

The Legal Stuff: Age of consent and medical advice

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