#MY SEX POSITIVITY Interview Series

Much is done in the name of “sex positivity”. Whether it’s finding liberation through masturbation with Betty Dodson, or saving sex until marriage, or rallying against anti-gay, transphobic sex education, or figuring out how to shop for the best butt plugs, sex positivity is increasingly diversifying to acknowledge more expressions and desires. It has birthed thousands of lady blogs, sex workshops, indie and feminist porn, and anti-expert forums.

We can not assume everyone who says they are “sex positive” associates with the philosophy in the same way. For it to progress and be truly inclusive require us all to self-reflect, listen, and understand why we are invested in the movement.

We are asking activists, educators, writers, counselors, artists (anyone who considers sex positivity to be a significant aspect of their daily life) to share their identity and standpoint; to clarify their voice from within the noise; to support each other as the movement grows and changes.


1) Identify one or two trends, or influential people in the Sex Positive community that you identify with (or are inspired by) and those trends which you relate to not-so-much.

2) How do you define “sex positivity” for yourself and your work? In other words, what is your primary passion and how do you distinguish your writings and interests from other branches of thought within the sex positive movement?

3) What directions do you think sex positivity will take within the next 5 – 10 years? Or what topics and with what platforms would you like to see sex positivity develop more thoroughly within the next 5 – 10 years?


This is a time when sex positive awareness thrives like never before. And yet, at the same time, it’s become saturated. A crowded market.

It’s taken on multiple political agendas, EX: SlutWalk, Consent Culture Campaign, AVEN (Asexual Visibility & Education Network); It’s endured many internal conflicts, EX: no to condoms in porn/yes to condoms in porn; no sex workers/support sex workers; It is a movement that celebrates difference and yet is largely composed of white, middle class activists who are also often cis-gendered/able-bodied; It emphasizes the right to choose what you want as long as you are doing it with consent but has only recently begun deliberating definitions of consent.

This is not to say that contradiction and conflict are wrong for the movement. On the contrary! Variety of voice enriches ideas to best form our own expressions in new ways. The challenge is determining where you identify and differ from others in the movement at different points in time.

And that is what we are doing with this interview series!: To hear from others active in the movement and share their standpoints. To understand the differences within the sex positivity. To learn more about ourselves and what matters through each other.

We are seeking original content and fresh perspectives that are supportive and inclusive.

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