LifeStyles Condoms: Profile Summary

Lifestyles is an Australian owed company that produces approximately 25 different types of condoms.  They are the first to make polyisoprene condoms (more on that soon) and named this product SKYN. Their other featured condoms include THRYLL, WYLD, THYN and KYNG.  Life Styles prides itself as the first condom company to establish a sexual health division and sell condoms to the public health community at the low retail rate.  In cooperation with Planned Parenthood, Life Styles developed their popular “Sex Ed Kit” which contains teaching manuals, “how to” brochures, etc. to help preteens and adults feel more confident dealing with sexuality and social issues.

Lifestyles Condom Size Chart

Best Condom:

Life Styles’ His & Her Pleasure is highly rated by numerous sources including Undercover Condom, Condom Depot and Live Strong. In order to please and stimulate both parties, this is one of the only condoms that offer both vertical ribbed lines from the base to the tip and a larger head.

LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive made top of the list for the same sources above as well as  the top of Consumer Report ShopSmart Magazine, 2009. This is a non-textured, simple, reliable condom with a water-based lubricant.  It is slightly thinner than their Ultra Thin condom which equals .0197.  Ultra Sensitive measures .0024 thickness.

LifeStyles SKYN tends to get mixed reviews from poor to excellent.  Some say it’s just a normal condom; others vow they will never go back to latex.  SKYN has not won any awards or competitions.  However, according to research by Millward Brown, 2011, two-out-of-three surveyed users described it as their ‘best condom experience ever’ and that 66% of condom-users convert to SKYN after their first experience.  This has more stretch than Durex Avanti or Trojan Supra and is very soft (e.g. it doesn’t sound like Cling Film or Saran Wrap).

 Not so hot:

According to Condom Depot’s worst condom review database, Lifestyles Thryll Condoms are at the top bad, with complaints that the studs were dull and that the condom was thick, thus reducing feeling.

Life Styles Condom Size Chart


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