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How Do I Put On a Condom?” is one of the most common questions asked by young men and women. It’s very important that you learn and know how to properly put on a condom so that you get the maximum protection and pleasure.

The procedure is very simple and once you have done it a few times it will be second nature. I would advise guys and gals to practice alone.  It will alleviate any stress or worry about being embarrassed in the crucial moment.

A condom is an amazing thing but is also delicate. So be careful to store the condom where it cannot be pierced. Make sure it is not past it’s expiry date. When opening, be careful to not rip through the condom.  For these reasons always carry a spare or two!

It’s also worth knowing that some types of lubricant can damage latex condoms so only use lubricants that are water or silicon based. KY and Astroglide are perfect. Oil-based lubricants such as butter, vegetable oils or petroleum jelly often damage latex and will make a condom ineffective.

How to Put on a Condom

Every package of condoms is supplied with detailed instructions for care and use. Always read these and always check the expiry date. Never use condoms that are past their expiry date.

1. Put the condom on before your penis touches your partner’s vagina or anus. Fluid (pre cum) can be excreted before and after you ejaculate. This fluid could potentially pass on sexually transmitted infections and could cause pregnancy.

2. Never ever use a condom more than one time. Always use a new one from the packet for each time you get erect and peach time you ejaculate. It is always worth having more condoms than you think you need…. some nights end up that way :)!

3. An average condom is rolled into a ring shape. They are sealed in plastic or foil. Do not tear the condom whilst removing from it’s wrapper. If it is brittle, torn, or there is no air in the package, throw it away and start fresh with a new one.

4. Before you start to put your condom on, squeeze a few drops of lubricant inside the condom (some condoms may be sufficiently lubricated).

5. If you are uncircumcised, pull back the foreskin before starting to roll on the condom.  Always apply a condom with a full erection.

6. Place the rolled condom over the tip of your hard penis and begin to roll down the shaft with one hand.

7. Leave approximately half an inch of space (a pinch between two fingers) with no air inside the reservoir tip to collect your semen.

8. Gently pinch the air out of the tip with one hand.

9. Unroll the condom over your penis with the your other hand.

10. Roll it all the way down to the base of your penis.

11. Smooth out any air bubbles. (Friction against air bubbles can cause condom breaks.)

12. Lubricate the outside of the condom (some condoms may be sufficiently lubricated, see individual instructions).

Here are some great step by step illustrations from Scarleteen. 

You may want to direct your partner to these instructions. Putting on a condom can be integrated into foreplay and can be something that your partner can do for you.  Check out our post Condoms Make Me Horny! for tips and ideas.

It’s also advised to watch the video below so that you can see visually how to put a condom on.

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