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Durex Condoms FeatherliteAccording to Global Industry Analysts, Inc. (2010) and others, Durex is the most popular brand of condoms in Europe.  Their line offers 9 different latex condoms, with the top choices being Durex Love, Extra Sensitive and Ultimate Feeling.  Durex produced the very first male condom to be made of polyurethane, then Durex Avanti BARE was the next non-latex upgrade made of polyisoprene, a synthetic version of latex with the same elasticity, but without the scent or allergies. However, this product has been discontinued and Durex does not offer no latex products at this time.

In 2004, Durex ceased production of condoms containing Nonoxynol-9.  Durex also puts a substantial amount of money into sexual wellbeing research and STI prevention programs worldwide.

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Best Condom:

Reviewing various sources including Undercover Condoms, Condom Choice, Consumer Report, etc. the hot picks of Durex are tied between Durex Love, Extra Sensitive and Ultimate Feeling, but these latexes are likely to change as MicroSheer polyurethane and polyisoprene become more mainstream technology.  Durex’s top selling non-latex condom was Avanti BARE.

Durex Love gets its reputation as easy to put on, easy to please.  Thinner than standard latex, built with a little extra headroom and length (8.0in/203mm) for somewhat larger than average guys and are specially shaped for easy roll-on.  It is made with 25% more lubricant than the standard condom for an extra silky smooth and natural feel.  It is a 6 time winner on Condom Depot’s World’s Best Condom Award.  Love scores on our personal top list too and is highly recommended: here’s our review.

Durex Extra Sensitive is as thin as you can get with latex condoms at .0019 thickness, which is 20% thinner than standard condoms.  It was awarded most reliable and dependable condom in 2005 by Consumer Report Magazine and is a 6 times winner on Condom Depot’s World’s Best Condoms Award.

Durex Ultimate Feeling equals the same thickness and lubrication as Extra Sensitive.  The only difference with this pop pick is its textured rib.  In 2011, it was rated as one of the top condoms for sensation by Live Strong.  If you or your partner enjoy over 58 lines of ribbed stimulation, this condom is a safe choice.

Not so hot:

We found Durex Performax with one of the lowest ratings from Undercover Condoms, Condom Depot and Condomman.  Users complain about numbness, taste, smell, and lose of erection.  However, it was rated one of the most reliable condoms by Consumer Report Magazine.  Not recommended if early ejaculation is not a concern.  There are no readily available criticisms about the Durex company. The main criticism we found was by one sex educator and medical research, Dr. Petra Boynton, who argues that the Durex Global Sex Survey lacks ethical validity and academic standards.  However, we have not yet found other sources validating her claims. This section is still undergoing research.

Durex Condom Size Chart

Image source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Durex

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