ONE Condoms, Super Sensitive

Okay, I admit it.  I was lured by its original tin casing and flashy print designs.  Each new (circular not square) wrapper is crafted and submitted into a contest and then voted by consumers.  Imagine primary school art teachers incorporating this competition into their curriculum!  I also liked the fact that this condom company donates 5% of its sales to the ONE Voice Foundation, a sex education and health group.  But be warned by the hype:  A circular condom wrapper does not necessarily make it easier to open.  More importantly, this condom broke on me (or in me, I should say), despite the company priding itself on using “leading-edge manufacturing tecnhnology”, with it’s trade mark ingrediant, Sensatex (the same company that helped invent Spray On Condoms).  Yes, these condoms are sheer and smooth.  But “Super Sensitive”?  Personally, I find them no more sensitive then a regular Durex or Lifestyles.  More over, lubricant is especially necessary for these condoms.  Otherwise you risk uncomfortability and malfunction.      

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