What Condom Size Am I?

The reason so many guys ask, What Condom Size Am I? is because condom sizing and how to measure ourselves is not very clear.  There is no such thing as one-size fits every individual or couple.

And yet using the right condom is essential.  The wrong size increases the risk of breakage, slippage and discomfort.  Experimenting and finding the correct condom is the difference between those who enjoy sex with condoms and those who hate them and use them inconsistently, putting themselves and others at risk of STIs and unwanted pregnancy.

Published with permission from thebadchemicals.com

Published with permission from thebadchemicals.com

What Condom Size Am I?

The first thing you need to do is measure the size of your penis. This isn’t hard (but your penis must be to get correct measurements!).  There are three main measurements you need to take. First, from the base of your penis which is the part where the condom would stop rolling (no need to put the condom over your testicles!) and measure up to the tip of your penis….This is your length.

Then measure the girth of your penis at the mid-point of the shaft. You can wrap a tape measure around the shaft or you can use a string and then measure the string with a ruler.

Most condom widths are measured by the condom laying flat (it is not the circumference). Condoms are designed to fit securely while forming the body shape. The base width should be less than half the girth of your penis size by about half an inch (13mm). Therefore to know if your girth will fit a condom width simply divide your penis circumference by 2.25 (In this post we explain how we got this formula).

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What Sizes Exist?

Now you have the measurements you can go over to our Condom Size Calculator. There you will find measurements for each condom brand and be able to find your size and compare what exactly “Snug” “Regular” and “Large” mean.  We also offer updated size charts based on the top sold brands: Trojan Condom, Lifestyles, Durex, KimonoONE Condoms and Caution Wear. More brands to come!ruler

The average condom length in North America…

is 7.5″/190.5mm.  Since a vast portion of men are between 5.1″ – 6.5″, most do not need to be concern with length.  If length is your concern, check out our condom fitting solutions chart for recommendations to specific needs.

Girth or “thickness” is crucial.  The average condom is made to fit a 4.8″- 5.2″ erect circumference.  In condom terms, that equals approximately 2.0″/50.8mm-2.2″/55.8mm base wide (remember, width is measured by the condom lying flat).

General, rule of thumb: If you measure less than 4.8 inches girth, go with a snugger fit.  Fit you are greater than 5.2 inches, select large condoms, such as SKYN Large, Durex XXL, and Magnums.

Shape Matters

However, this does not solve all problems.  What if you are skinny and long, short and wide?  You will also need to think about shape and material (latex, polyisoprene, etc.), especially if you find you’re in between sizes.

A common complaint is that condoms are too tight around the head.  So, many condoms companies have now designed condoms with oversized head room, including flair shape design and extra bulbous head.  Here are the top North American brands:

LifeStyles Pleasure Shape (Bulbous head)
LifeStyles WYLD (Bulbous head)
LifeStyles THYN (Flare shape)
Trojan Her Pleasure (Flare shape)
Trojan Pleasures Ecstasy Fire and Ice (Flare shape)
Trojan Stimulations Ecstasy (Tapered flare)
Trojan Magnum (Tapered at the base, flare at head)
ONE Condom Pleasure Plus (Roomy pouch at the head)
ONE Condom Tantric Pleasures (Wider base/head, tapered along the shaft)
ONE Condom Pleasure Dome (oversized head, regular base width)
Durex PleasureMAX (wider base and head)
Kimono Maxx (Wider head)

Remember, you can find exact measurements for each condom on their respective size charts or on our condom size calculator.

There are also condoms which are longer than average, but regular or smaller width.

Trojan Supra
Trojan ThinTensity (slightly longer and wider; not as big as Magnums).
Durex Sensi Thin (longer and slightly narrow than regulars).

Or how about wider shaft, but close fitting head:

Lifestyles 3SUM

Elasticity.  Latex or Poly or the other Poly?

There are two new non-latex options available now.  Polyurethane was first introduced by Durex in the 1990s.  This material is less elastic than latex and polyisoprene, and is slightly thinner.  So it can be ideal for those who prefer less skin-tight condoms that clings to every contour of his tool, and instead prefer a bit of give in the condom.

The most popular polyurethane condom in North America is Trojan Supra.

Polyisoprene is the latest non-latex material for male condoms, introduced by Lifestyles in 2008.  This material is more soft, elastic and form-fitting than both polyurethane and latex.  This material is ideal because it can stretch more comfortably over shapely parts of the penis.  So this may be a better option if you are in between sizes then the uniquely shaped condoms.  Polyisoprene is available in North America by Durex Avanti Bare and Lifestyles SKYN.

Practice Makes Perfect!

The best thing to do is keep experimenting to find the best condoms for you (and your partners).

Just make sure you don’t engage in oral or penetrative sex if a condom does not fit! So, firstly, answer the question “What Condom Size Am I?” for yourself and then check against the size charts and get a hold of your best fit.

Let us know if you have any questions at all and we will always do our best to fully answer them. Don’t be embarrassed.  Use a fake name if you really need to. We will never judge you for your questions.

Thanks for reading and we hope this article helped.

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14 thoughts on “What Condom Size Am I?

  1. john

    Hi, I am ~6 inches in length and ~5.25 in girth, but i can’t seem to find one to fit me, any suggestions? Regular condoms are tight, I havent tried larger ones, but will they still be okay even though I’m not as long as might be needed for those? Thanks!

  2. sandy

    Hi my girth is 3.7 and 5 inch length, I tried the nominal width 53mm condom but its loos at the base and in India I am not able to find the right fit condoms offline can you please suggest me what size should I use.

    1. Ian Post author

      Hi Sandy! Thanks for your inquiry. Yes, unfortuanetly, more tailored fitting, smaller condoms are virtually non-existent offline. Your best bet is to order on the web. I suggest you find condoms that measure between 47mm-51mm girth. But this is not a strict rule, only an approximate guide give or take 2 inches. There are many other factors that impact condom fit such as elasticity, shape, lubrication and your personal preferences. This is why we highly recommend experimenting with different condoms. The best way to do this is to purchase a sampler pack. I think you would be happy with this smaller condom sampler. Let me know how it goes!

  3. ryu

    I have read that snug fit condoms have to be ordered online and I was hoping that regular would work just fine for me. Can you help me decide? My length is 5.2 in and my girth is 4.5-5 in.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Ian Post author

      Hi. A medium size condom may work for your dimensions. I would recommend trying condoms that are known to be slightly tighter than most Durex and Trojans. A good “inbetween” sizes option is Kimono condoms. Japanese condoms in general tend to be on the closer-fitting end of medium size condoms, but they aren’t classified as size small. One of the most popular Kimonos is the MicroThin. However, these may be difficult to find offline. A more mainstream, tighter condom that is easier to find at the drug store is Lifestyles 3Sum condom. Remember, pleasure will also depend on what you individually feel is comfortable based on a number of factors such as texture, shape, tightness and lubricant. Experimenting is the best way to determine the right condom for you. Consider grabbing a Japanese condom sampler pack, or even a snug condom sampler (though some condom from the latter may be too small for you).

  4. Rocky

    Hello, can you please help me! Every time I try to fit a condom it does not fit in..I’ve seen various videos of how to fit on a condom and these guys did it with ease. I really have to struggle when I get one on. I have to stretch the base, and i need a third hand to put it on, pass the head it’s ok. but i do feel uncomfortable and usually came after putting the condom.

    My girth is 6.2 inches (measured using a piece of sting) and length 6.3 inches.

    what condom will fit me?- can I still manage with regular ones?


    1. Lara


      You are much wider than what “regular” size condoms measure for, but you’re also average length. This would explain why you have to stretch out the base of the condom. Stay away from regulars. Have you tried XL? Durex XXL is one of the widest condoms on the market. Here is a guide to Durex condom dimensions. Also, check out our fitting solutions chart under the section “If condoms are too tight”. That will hopefully give you more options. Let us know how it goes!

  5. Administrative Team

    Thanks for your question DRK. We would suggest staying away from Trojan as they tend not to make condoms smaller than 7.2inches long. Try Snugger fits. There are a least 6 different condom brands that offer condoms designed to hug better. A popular one is Lifestyles Snugger Fit.

  6. drk

    i am 5 inch long and 4 inch in diameter and i used once a condom but this is very loose
    so plz suggest me what condom size i am


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